Photo Courtesy: (Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press)

YAKIMA — With the majority of Washington’s apple crop picked, growers are downgrading their forecast for the harvest.

Washington Apple Commission announced Thursday that reports show that this year’s harvest will be 10% less than the 134 million boxes forecast in August, the Yakima Herald-Republic reported.

Among factors cited for the reduction were trees heading into a reduced growth cycle, workers doing more selective sort-picking in the orchards and a Labor Day windstorm that buffeted orchards in the Yakima Valley and elsewhere, damaging fruit, the commission said.

Apple growers also said sizing appeared to be smaller this year.

The apple commission also reported increased demand for the fruit because of the coronavirus pandemic turning people’s attention to more healthy foods.

With 65% of the nation’s apples grown in Washington, it’s the nation’s largest apple-producing state.

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“It costs $1.05 to produce a dollar’s worth of apples,” says Dan Fazio, executive director of the Washington Farm Labor Association.

Washington's orchards are just another socialist scheme propping up the economy of right-wing hypocrites.

Leftist Simps

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Desert Dweller

Nothing like not knowing what you are talking about.

Desert Dweller

Must be a case of illiteracy I guess?

This article is about the 2020 apple crop forecast, which will have a significant impact on the state economy.

I didn't see anything about Republicans or Democrats in the article.


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Leftist Simps

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