WENATCHEE — A Manson man charged with illegally possessing multiple firearms was convicted last week in a related case for violating domestic-violence court orders.

Benny G. Sedano, 32, will be sentenced next week after a jury convicted him June 19 of twice violating court orders by telephoning his former girlfriend from the Chelan County Regional Justice Center. A trial date for his federal case, in which he could face up to 10 years for possessing an illegally modified shotgun plus 10 other firearms despite prior felony convictions, has not been set. 

Jurors took less than two hours to convict Sedano of twice having telephone contact with the woman, who was a witness and victim in investigations of Sedano last year for alleged harassment and domestic violence. He'll be sentenced July 5 by Superior Court Judge Kristin Ferrera, and could face up to five years in prison.

Chelan County sheriff's deputies served a search warrant at Sedano's Manson home last November, suspecting that Sedano was living with his girlfriend despite the court restrictions and a September domestic violence arrest. They allegedly found the the illegally-shortened shotgun, seven pistols and three rifles.

Sedano was initially charged with felony harassment and robbery for allegedly taking the woman's cellphone and threatening her. Those charges were later dropped when the female victim dropped out of sight. She has been wanted since January on a Chelan County warrant charging her with methamphetamine possession and bail jumping.

Sedano is the son of late Manson orchardist Benito Caro Sedano, who shot and killed two orchard laborers, his wife, and then himself in 2015. On the day of the killings, Benito Sedano was set to plead guilty to a 2014 kidnapping in which the victim, migrant worker Ignacio Ramirez, was found dead in a shallow grave near Sedano's family home. One of the murdered men was a witness in the kidnapping.

Benny Sedano was not a suspect in those murders, but later pleaded guilty to harassing the family of a witness in his father's kidnapping case. He received an eight-month jail sentence on the misdemeanor plea.

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