MOSES LAKE - A local criminal who’s had his fair share of encounters with law enforcement was found hiding in a washing machine while running from Moses Lake police Sunday night.

That night, police say Tim Riggins threatened and robbed a woman, stealing her car. After several minutes, Riggins was pursued by police and began fleeing on foot in the Gateway Estates neighborhood. Riggins was dumping items as he ran.

Police say Riggins made it to an acquaintance’s house in the neighborhood and went inside. The residents in the home evacuated and officers made entry shortly after. Police eventually found Riggins hiding in a washing machine where he surrendered and was arrested.

Officers retraced the path Riggins took as he fled and found some stolen items and homemade explosives. Three explosive devices were found with nails attached to the outside of the explosive charge. A bomb squad was called in to collect the devices.  Riggins has an extensive criminal history.

Riggins had been arrested two days prior when he was injured after breaking a back window of a getaway vehicle and jumped from the moving rig. Authorities say Riggins had been involved in a burglary with Kevin Beamish who was also arrested.

Riggins is the same suspect who was bit twice on body cam by K9 Rex several weeks ago. 

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Desert Dweller

Comments disappearing again somebody must be insecure


Just trying to be proactive like it says in the instructions. it asked that we report degrading post, and I find that my opinion of you is always degraded after I read your posts.

Desert Dweller

I'm a big boy I can take it

Desert Dweller

Be interesting to see if they post a follow up on what kind of sentence he gets. Apparently he's gonna come clean.


I'm no russian puppet, but I think he was hiding in the washing machine just trying to clean himself up!!


Russian Puppets? Why bring Trump into the discussion?

Desert Dweller

Good question. Why did you?



And, he's was for sale to the highest bidder.


Again, just like Trump!!!


Liberal judicial courts in these small counties he's probably already OUT !? Makes you wonder if they use these criminals for on the job training !?


You may want to look into how judges end up being appointed. Not sure who tried this case, but Knodell, Antosz and Estudillo were elected by the fine conservative people of Grant County. The District Court judges were appointed by the County Commissioners, all of whom lean right. No Idea why you'd be blaming liberals for this one.


GCSO and MLPD must like dealing with the same people over and over and over again. Wonder when the prosecutor will man up and keep these fools behind bars longer than 3 days.


When the suspect made a beeline

He got bitten by a K9

They were looking for a dirt bag

He was hiding in the Maytag.

Riggins are you OK? Are you OK?

Are you OK Riggins?

You've been hit by, you've been hit by

A dim criminal.



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