Moses Lake v Wenatchee

(Adam Cichoski / iFIBER ONE Sports)

EAST WENATCHEE- The Wenatchee Panthers girls’ soccer team took one huge step to clinching the No. 1 seed in the conference this year after knocking off the Eastmont Wildcats, 3-2. The Panthers’ win now makes it so only Wenatchee or the Moses Lake Chiefs have a shot at finishing the season as the No. 1 seed.

Wenatchee sits atop of the conference with an 8-1 conference record, while Moses Lake is 6-2 and Eastmont is 6-3. The Chiefs beat the Panthers head-to-head earlier this season, giving Wenatchee its only conference loss.

If the Chiefs can win out, including beating Wenatchee a second time, the Chiefs would be the No. 1 seed because of head-to-head record.

Neither team is completely out of the woods, as the Panthers have to play West Valley (Yakima) the following Thursday and the Chiefs have to play the Wildcats the last game of the season. If the Chiefs lose to the Wildcats in the final game of the season, then Eastmont would be the No. 2 seed because it would sweep Moses Lake in that scenario.

The Big 9 is only sending one team to the state playoffs this year, so every game counts and no one can afford another loss. This race to the finish will be one to watch.

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