WENATCHEE - Contrary to what police reported to iFIBER ONE News Monday night due to information not being readily available, Wenatchee Police Captain Edgar Reinfeld says his department is investigating what some are calling a "hate crime."

On Sunday night, police say Pride flag was burned outside of Pybus Public Market at Little Red’s Espresso and Bakery. The Wenatchee Pride & NCW BLM Action Council says the flag was discovered just hours after their first Pride march in the Wenatchee Valley. Council members are calling the destruction of the flag a “hate crime,” but police say that’s a stretch.

Reinfeld says police aren’t calling it a hate crime at this time because it doesn’t appear to target a particular individual. However, police are investigating it as malicious mischief, malicious harassment, and careless burning.

Reinfeld says police are reviewing some surveillance footage that captured the occurrence.

The investigation into the matter continues.

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I'm cool with this.

The Rural Realist

So a person can burn the United States flag but burn the gay flag and there is a police investigation.


Do you think that if you went to someone's place of business and burned their American flag, there would be no police investigation?


It wouldn't have been in the news


So you think there would have been an investigation. 'Cause OP implied that there wouldn't.



What happened?

Good to see people engaged in peaceful protest.

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