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EAST WENATCHEE - Chelan-Douglas Health District Officer Dr. Malcon Butler is urging families to skip the tradition of trick-or-treating this year and plan holiday activities closer to home. Butler says trick-or-treating during a pandemic is a bad idea.

“I know Halloween is a very exciting time, especially for our kids,” he said. “But I have to tell you, if I was an evil virus and I wanted to design the perfect holiday to make sure I could spread myself around the community, what I would do is encourage young people with a sweet tooth to go house to house, passing infection around.”

Over the last three weeks, Chelan and Douglas counties have seen a significant increase in coronavirus case counts per 100,000 people. On Sept. 30, the positive case count was 114 per 100,000 people; this week, the number is 168 per 100,000 people.

Butler asked that families celebrate Halloween within their households.

The health district offers the following family friendly activities to safely celebrate Halloween:

• Visit a local pumpkin patch and bring a pumpkin home to carve. When outside your home, always wear a cloth mask and maintain social distancing, even in the outdoors.

• Put a new twist on trick-or-treating. Try a candy scavenger hunt in your yard, or fill up a pinata.

• Have a costume parade with your family.

• Throw a Halloween movie marathon. Settle in for the night with your holiday favorites.

Local communities also are organizing events in place of trick-or-treating. Candy drive-thrus are being organized in Wenatchee, Cashmere and Chelan. With the drive-thrus, families will be able to drive up to locations to receive individually bagged candy.

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