The Windmill Restaurant in Wenatchee

WENATCHEE - Owners of the Windmill Steakhouse in Wenatchee have decided they don’t need the state’s consent on the full reopening of their restaurant.

On Monday evening, the restaurant stated on its social media page that it has decided to open starting Wednesday, May 27 from 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. with limited seating for the safety of its customers.

The restaurant also stated that if patrons don’t feel comfortable coming in, takeout orders are still available.

The eatery also called upon other local businesses to reopen as well.

The restaurant plans to reopen only five days ahead of the state’s tentative plan to advance the entire state to Phase 2, which allows restaurants to reopen sit down service with a limited capacity.

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To my mind, that's about as responsible as having a one-night-stand without a condom. Nothing brave about it. Just selfish and unhealthy.

Comment deleted.
Desert Dweller

You better stay home!

Desert Dweller

The chickens can stay home and hide, the rest of us will bring the economy and country back to life.


Time to open up. Those that don't want to are just doing this as a political stance and or they are making more money staying at home on UE. Some of us with small businesses are not making a dime.


But restaurants are one of the few small businesses that are still able to stay open. This seems whiny to me. Other restaurants have adapted and even thrived under Covid.

Seriously, Bob?

Natural selection is a wonderful thing. "Luck" should not be a business plan.


Good for you!

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