EASTON - Washington State troopers say a Lynwood man is behind bars after causing a crash that killed two in Kittitas County early Monday.

Just after 8 a.m., state troopers say 58-year-old David McFarland was under the influence while going east on I-90 at Easton when his pickup truck left the road and careened into the back of a disabled car on the shoulder. The crash killed a 39-year-old person out of Grandview and a 43-year-old person from Federal Way.

Troopers say the two people who occupied the disabled car were not belted up at the time of the wreck.

McFarland was unhurt and was charged with vehicular homicide.

The identities of the deceased are being withheld at this time.

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I happened to have been at the scene of this tragic accident. Words are not enough to explain what and how it happened. These two young people were in their vehicle waiting for help with the car issues they were having. Their lives were lost, because someone chose to take something that clearly had an influence over their state of mind. What it was?? Who knows.. no one can say at this time, but all can speculate about what it could have been. Very sad situation. My thoughts and prayers for their families. RIP


Tacky headline. Bad puns are ok when it's bee theft, but not when someone dies. Also, under the influence of *what*?


I agree. Trying to get cute with a tragic but all too common story fell flat and made the writer and editor look foolish.

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