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As people who have led child care centers, we have been telling our elected representatives that our child care system is in a crisis for many years. We’re not alone in making the case: families know better than anyone that our childcare system isn’t working. Families can’t afford the care they need, child care providers can’t afford to pay their staff a living wage, and our entire economy is suffering because of it.

At a town hall last fall, Keith Goehner said that he didn’t know child care was an issue out here, despite many efforts across our region to raise awareness of this crisis. This is not ok. We are putting all of our support behind Adrianne Moore as our next state House Representative in 2020. Adrianne helped launch a child care needs assessment in her community and used those findings to help create a child care facility for working parents. This summer, she held advisory sessions with childcare providers to learn more about how the pandemic is deepening this crisis because she is committed to using her platform to make a change. That is what leadership on local issues should like.

We encourage every person who struggles to afford childcare, and every provider who wants a living wage, to put your support behind Adrianne and get involved in the Voice of the 12th campaign. This is the best shot our 12th District has ever had to change our childcare crisis. Whether you are someone who votes to the left or someone who votes to the right, we can all get behind Adrianne Moore, who will fight tirelessly for working families, young kids, and an economy that works for all of us.

Dani Reynaud, Childcare and early learning center director in the Methow Valley

Judy Derpack, Former director of Crystal Springs Cooperative Preschool/ Shoreline Community College, Bothell, WA

Former board member and teacher, Mountain Sprouts Childrens‘ Community, Leavenworth, WA

Tania Gonzales, Former in-home childcare provider & LifeWays teacher

Signe Shaw, Former in-home childcare provider

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