EPHRATA – Expecting maybe 80 people, organizers say at least 250 joined the Women’s March Saturday in Ephrata.

Saturday’s march that made its way down Basin Street and to the front of the Grant County Courthouse was one of hundreds of marches worldwide.

Ephrata’s march brought men, women and children from throughout Grant County in marching in solidarity with the Woman’s March on Washington that drew hundreds of thousands of protestors in Washington, D.C.

Marchers in Ephrata met at the train station before heading down Basin Street, many with signs in hand with messages supporting women’s rights, health care, equality and diversity and education, along with many in protest of now President Donald Trump.

The worldwide marches came a day after Trump’s inauguration. Marches in Seattle and Portland drew more than 100,000 people. Other large cities drew hundreds of thousands, including an estimated 750,000 in Los Angeles.

The group in Ephrata eventually gathered outside the courthouse to share messages of support.

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Chebu..whatever your online name is, do you even understand what your little rally stood for??? I read many signs and it seems you all just wanted a reason to complain about something and since many other parts of America are holding rallies, you thought you'd join to sooth the burning pit of anger in your stomach. Gonna guess you aren't very smart considering you supported Hillary Clinton, a lying, deceitful politician. I did not vote for either freaks and I am not proud of America's choice nor am I happy about these rallies. They are meaningless rants and need to be kept on Facebook. And no, I am not from Alabama. I was raised in the heart of the Seattle ghetto with criminals and killers. I pulled myself out of the gang life and moved here. Then I got a degree and started a family. Before you get personal Chebu, be cautious of who you think you are talking to because I am not very nice to be provoked :)


You refer to Trump as a "freak," yet you use the exact same strategies he does. You make fun of my handle, you ridicule the rally, you personally attack me repeatedly, and you use bluster to try to frighten me. I would imagine you're an unpleasant person whether or not you think someone is provoking you.

The protest was for many causes. Who can choose just one when we're up against a big orange cornucopia of nastiness and wrong-headedness?


Great!! Thats all we need. Protesters in Ephrata marching about something they cannot change. I'd bet half of those people voted. Go home and quit looking for reasons to make the news and media. Go home and spend some quality time with your families. We do not want these rallies or marches in our town. We want a quiet town. These demonstrations are often taken too far. Do not pollute our streets.


Are you forgetting who won Washington, including the Electoral College votes? Washington went Clinton. You sound a lot like the folks in Alabama in the '50s who argued against the civil rights marchers.


I stand against this protests for abortions..... I can understand if there was a health risk, the mother may die or the child is already dead. Nevertheless don't we women have some form of dignity anymore. Self respect for our bodies anymore. Have women become easy, what happen in playing hard to catch?

Yes I know it your body. There are birth control for both parties. That child is a gift from God. If choose not to have or to keep the child. There other women that have major medical problems. That they can't have kids. Instead of abortion, choose to be a Gift Giver. Give your gift to another women. That wants to be a mom.


I stand against this protests for abortions..... I can understand if there was a health risk, the mother may die or the child is already dead.

Nevertheless don't we women have some form of dignity anymore. Self respect for our bodies

Old Bulldog

I believe in peaceful assembly and protest, which is protected by our constitution. I'm a little perplexed about what is being protested. Are they protesting the election of Donald Trump, his brash demeanor, and feel Ms. Clinton was cheated from winning the election? Or is it simply that they feel and anticipate Mr. Trump will make decisions which they don't agree with, and simply want him to fail? Bottom line is that many of us did not like either candidate, however the electoral process placed Mr. Trump as our president. Our three distinct branches of government was created as a check and balance. Perhaps the prudent approach is to be proactive when there is a true defined issue, versus responding to rhetoric from the media and the Hollywood left, who's credibility has been tarnished. If Mr. Trump proves to be a bum, I want him out. However, the day after he takes office is a little too early to make that judgment.


I can tell you why I protested. I accept the results of the election, but I also clearly see that Trump is out of step with the Republican Party and has adopted disastrous policies already, in the few days he's been in office. I want Republicans in DC to know that America is not behind Trump's radical behavior, which verges on fascism. There's a future to think of, and in two years (mid term elections) and four years (presidential elections) when Trump has burned himself out with angry tweets, someone will still need to run this country. The message is that America will support any reasonable Republican who stands up to his lies and his bullying, but not those who simply back down when he behaves irrationally and dangerously.


Thanks ifiber for the coverage of the Ephrata Women's March. It was exhilarating marching in solidarity with like-minded individuals. We are on the right side of history and I am so proud of the massive turnout from our little County. Keep Up The Resistance!


What did you protest against? There wasn't any real clarity. It had no direct point. Just bashing, the dignity of most women across the United State when down the sewers, like they came from a brothel House. ( saloon or some corners)

Most women were working for what was fought for back in the 1960's I believe. Which is called " Women Movement or Liberated."

We are getting what we asked for with class, self respect and with righteous fair demands. Equal Opportunity in the work force.... There was more. That was more Important to us and to get educated. The rights to be more than a homemaker or a plain wife. To make something worth more with our lives.

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