Murder suspects

Ambrosio Mendez Villenueva (left) and Julio Cesar Albarran Varona

EPHRATA – Bail was set at $1 million for two men allegedly involved in the killing of Quincy resident Jill Marie Sundberg.

Julio Cesar Albarran Varona, a 25-year-old man, and Ambrosio Mendez Villanueva, a 25-year-old man, both appeared in court Tuesday afternoon facing a charge of murder in the first degree.

The alleged shooter, Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez, a 39-year-old man, was arrested in Tacoma on an immigration hold and has been transported to the Grant County Jail, according to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office. Tapia Rodriguez is also charged with murder in the first degree.

All three defendants are reportedly in the country illegally.

Two other men, Fernando Marcos Gutierrez, 33, and Salvador Espinoza Gomez, 24, are both charged as a material witness and are being held on $100,000 bail.

Tapia Rodriguez, Mendez Villanueva and Albarran Varona are accused of forcing Sundberg into an SUV at an RV park near Quincy on Dec. 21 and driving down to a rest area along the Old Vantage Highway where the victim’s body was found the next day, according to a Grant County Sheriff’s Office report.

Investigators say Tapia Rodriguez shot Sundberg multiple times before the suspects returned to the SUV and left the scene.

Marcos Gutierrez and Espinoza Gomez were both allegedly with the three defendants at the time of the shooting.

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Jason Grubb

Chubruka, if they are here on a visa then they are not illegal.


Joosean Griab, Which is why I called them "foreigners" and not "illegals."

Jason Grubb

So Chebruka, only US citizens are eligible for employment in the USA. Got it, thanks for the clarification.


No, Joosean, I didn't say that. I'm saying that Trump is promising to keep non-Americans from taking our jobs, but he has hired non-Americans any chance he could get. Why would he change his tune now?


This has been going on far too long. Thank God we now have a leader that does his job to protect OUR citizens from foreigners. Now will some news media PLEASE investigate illegals getting hurt working here, getting time loss payments IN Mexico, seeing authorized L&I doctors IN Mexico. Nice vacation on our dime.


I hope Trump protects us from foreigners interfering in our elections, and from people in the US building hotels using foreign laborers brought in on visas. Or is that not the kind of foreigner you're talking about?


Oh no they getting time loss payment is their home country of Mexico. They came here legally to help their families who the had to leave behind. Ya the U.S. better take them from their families again and bring them back.. Im sure they would mind one bit since they would be getting triple their payment when the cost of living is adjusted. having to shack up with 11 others in a one bed room apartment for a few months and save what would have taken them a few years of employment in Mexico. Also the $5 doctor visits just jumped up to $400 for a L&I preferred doctor. I guess this is what JusticePlease feels would be helping our citizens from foreigners' i maybe wrong maybe JustcePlease has the same ideology as President Tramposo and have Mexico pay for it


Good thing Trump is going to build a wall and stop these kinds of crimes. Viva President Don John Trump!

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