Cane, a pit bull terrier mix found with three gunshot wounds June 5, 2019.

Cane, a pit bull terrier mix found with three gunshot wounds June 5 near the intersection of Mission Ridge Road and Beehive Road outside Wenatchee.

WENATCHEE — Cane, the pit bull terrier mix who was found last week along a rural road suffering from three gunshot wounds, has shown signs of recovery but is still under veterinary supervision.

"He isn’t out of the woods yet, but he is improving," says Dawn Davies, director of the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society, which is overseeing the dog's care.

But the costs of that medical care are racking up, and the agency urges the public to donate to its online medical fund, which pays for treatment for Cane and other sheltered animals.

The Humane Society dubbed the dog "Cane" upon admission last week. Its Animal Control division is investigating what happened to Cane, who was discovered June 5 near the intersection of Mission Ridge Road and Beehive Road south of Wenatchee. He had been shot three times, in the head, neck and shoulder.

Davies says Cane had been receiving nutrition and medication through a sinus tube into his stomach, but that tube was removed Monday morning by caretakers at Cascade Veterinary Clinic in Wenatchee. He is likely to remain at the clinic another day, then be placed with a foster family that's equipped to care for injured animals.

Aside from the gunshot wounds, the dog was also discovered to have a torn anterior cruciate ligament in one knee. He has yet to undergo surgery to remove the bullets, which Davies says are lodged beneath the skin and not threatening any vital organs.

The gun used in the shooting was apparently a small-caliber pistol using hollowpoint ammunition. Anyone with information about the incident can call (509) 662-9577, and select option 1 to speak to an animal control officer or leave a message.

"It is animal cruelty, it’s a felony, and we’ve got some leads that we’re following up on," Davies says.

The director says upon first seeing Cane last week, she and other Humane Society staff doubted whether he'd survive. "But we’re committed to getting this guy healthy. He’s such a trooper."

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So sorry this happened to Cane. Hopefully he will heal soon. My dog had a torn acl ccl and we got a custom acl ccl Posh Dog Knee Brace that was very effective in supporting the knee and my dog recovered without any tta or tplo surgery.


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