Chelan County Sheriff's Deputy and former sheriff candidate Jennifer Tyler

Jennifer Tyler: Chelan County Sheriff's Deputy and former sheriff candidate 

WENATCHEE - Chelan County sheriff’s deputy Jennifer Tyler has been fired, Sheriff Brian Burnett confirmed Friday.

Tyler, who has been on leave since December following a unsuccessful run for Chelan County sheriff, was notified of her termination Aug. 29.

In late December, the Chelan County Human Resources Department received workplace complaints regarding Tyler, alleging violations of policies and procedures of the sheriff’s office. Chelan County retained two outside investigators to conduct the investigations.

“Both investigations resulted in findings of workplace policy violations,” Burnett stated. “The findings of the independent investigation by the Chelan County Human Resources Department and the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office resulted in the termination decision.”

Burnett stated he could provide further details due to ongoing litigation.

Tyler plans to appeal her termination.

Tyler, a deputy since 2006, was fired in 2010 and rehired in 2013 after an arbitrator determined she was wrongfully terminated. Tyler filed a lawsuit and was awarded $500,000 as Tyler said in the lawsuit she was ostracized and wrongly disciplined on the Chelan County force after giving testimony in a rape trial against a sheriff who employed her in Oklahoma years ago.

Tyler then ran against Burnett as a write-in candidate, and says the sheriff’s subsequent disciplinary actions stem in part from her political activity.

Tyler filed a second lawsuit in May against the sheriff’s office, alleging retaliation, discrimination, negligence and harassment in the workplace, according to court records. Her latest lawsuit also alleges that the internal investigation that has now led to her termination is part of a pattern of professional retaliation.

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I commend Deputy Tyler for her bravery and dedication to the profession. We need more like her. Everyone in the community is better off when that 'thin blue line' gets challenged. Unfortunately, it always results in being ostracized and often fired - or worse. Having your co-worker's back shouldn't include lying and/or covering for their deception, misdeeds and corruption. She will again prevail and the taxpayers will pay the price for that 'good ole boy' corrupt network. I wish her the best and thank her for her sacrifice. Hope she is well compensated for doing the right thing and what needs to be done for the good of all.


"Work Place policy Violations"? or is it: She really pissed us off and we're going to get her ? My money's on Deputy Tyler.


well when she first joined this area she had just got turning in a cop for rape who got over 200 yrs for it, and she was ostracized and treated unfairly for turning on a cop. iam wondering what happened this time, was it because she sued and won??

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