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WENATCHEE — A woman sought on a warrant for missing her court date allegedly drove away from a Chelan County deputy who stopped her car, parked, ran away on foot, and hid beneath a pickup truck while police brought in a dog to search for her.

Jennifer Shelly Dechenne, 48, then allegedly complained of pain in her wrist, and while being treated at Central Washington Hospital knocked over a woman and tried to flee the building, only to be tackled by an emergency room nurse.

Deputies now seek charges of third-degree assault, resisting arrest, obstruction and making a false statement to police, in addition to the warrant charges of DUI and methamphetamine possession.

When a deputy first contacted Dechenne in her car at School Street in north Wenatchee about noon Monday, she was allegedly driving a vehicle with expired tabs and gave a false name. After the deputy identified her, she allegedly drove away while the deputy had hold of her arm. The deputy also said he seized her hair at one point to try and control her movements.

Dechenne stopped again in the 200 block of Ohme Garden Road and ran into a commercial area, deputies said. She was eventually found hiding beneath a parked truck as police prepared to search for her with a K-9.

When brought to jail, she allegedly complained of pain to her back, neck and wrist and was taken to Central Washington Hospital for exam. While the attending deputy waited in a hall outside the exam area, Dechenne allegedly pushed another woman out of her chair and ran for the exit. A male nurse tackled her as she reached the exit door, police said.

Superior Court Judge Kristin Ferrera on Tuesday ordered Dechenne held on $25,000 bail. She has no prior felony history.

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