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Ephrata mulls idea to ban semi-trucks from residential streets

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Posted: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 1:50 pm | Updated: 4:40 pm, Tue May 21, 2013.

EPHRATA – Tractor-trailers may need to leave Ephrata's residential streets.

The Ephrata City Council agreed to look into prohibiting tractor-trailers from parking on residential streets after a resident complained about a neighbor leaving a truck on her street.

Presently city code allows the trucks to park on the residential streets as long as they're moved within 72 hours.

“Part of the enforcement issue is it's not a one-time sweep. (The police) have to mark it, and then come back and check it and literally, if it's rolled around the block and parked several feet (over), they have complied with the terms of the law,” City Administrator Wes Crago said.

Bonnie Clark, an F Street Northwest resident, told the council she was frustrated no ordinance existed to protect her from semis parking on the side of the street.

“They're not a motor home or a trailer. I can deal with a motor home and a trailer being there from one to three to five days up to seven days being parked in front of the house,” she said.

She said the truck took up the middle section of her block, blocking her view from the house. It also makes it hard for her neighbor to back his motor home into his driveway, and creates a blind spot for children walking on the road.

“It's the most depressing thing to get up in the morning and pull my blinds on my corner window, and there's that Mayflower semi looking at me,” Clark said. “I come out of my driveway, which is on Division (Avenue) and I can't see until I'm into the intersection.”

She could understand leaving the truck on the street for a day as long as it wasn't for one day every other day, she said.

Councilmember William Coe sympathized with Clark, saying he wanted to see more enforcement of parking ordinances.

“Maybe once or twice a year, depending on the manpower, we do a sweep of the city,” he said. “I don't think that would take a whole lot of manpower.”

Coe felt the patrols would increase the awareness of the law, even if the officers didn't return to check on the vehicles.

“They do that,” Crago said. “We have a warning sticker.”

Police Chief Mike Warren said officers try to notify vehicle owners about the law on a regular basis. Several of the officers have written quite a number of parking tickets, but the ordinance simply requires people to move the vehicle 5 feet.

Coe suggested a ban on semis parking on residential streets.

“If it's a flat out ban that's very easy to enforce,” Crago said. “Then there is no question about how long it sat there or not.”

Councilmember Stephanie Knitter understood no one wanted to have a semi blocking their view, but she pointed out the tractor-trailer was the person's livelihood.

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  • leeferd posted at 11:40 pm on Thu, Jun 6, 2013.

    leeferd Posts: 2

    I would hate to think that a ban on parking a truck that you make a living with, that makes your house payments.sends your kids to college ,pays your taxes, and up to $18,000 a year in Road Use Tax(that includes the road its parked on) ,could even be considered.there are a lot of people in this town that make a living driving a truck.and they make it possible for every single person and their dog or cat to live in ephrata.Look around ,find one thing in your home that was not delievered by a truck.except the kids, they were delievered by a doctor. but all his tools were delievered by a truck. Lady ,do yourself a favor and the entire town, walk across the street, introduce your self as a neighbor.and talk about the view. I'll bet you will get better results and make a couple new friends , rather than going the the way you were,and making enemys of every body that makes a living driving a truck. they even delievered the car you drive.just think about it.

  • metoo posted at 8:23 pm on Tue, May 28, 2013.

    metoo Posts: 18

    I do not live in the area of F NW but I know that truck regularly moves. It would obviously not be in violation of the current ordinance. If the City wants more parking laws then they need to hire a full time employee to enforce the parking issues due to the ordinances they put into effect. The police department has far more important things to investigate than parking and dog issues and prioritize where they spend there time. Also if the council members who continue to vote more parking ordinances into place want to keep there positions they may want to think about the outrageous ticket amount of $76 per offense. I know they would loose my vote.

  • mayflowers truck drivers wife posted at 7:44 pm on Tue, May 21, 2013.

    mayflowers truck drivers wife Posts: 1

    I am absolutely appalled by the nerve of my neighbors going all around us and running to the city council without even a mention to us of their pain and agony of our tractor trailer being parked out in the front of our home,
    I also feel like we deserved to know, so we could address the issue on our behalf. We went to the neighbor's residence tonight to discuss this matter and perhaps give her a different view on this situation that she is describing to be so "horrible" and that the neighborhood is going to hell".
    My husband works hard for a living, he is not just a truck driver (that in itself is a thankless job) but is a household goods mover. On that "eyesore" the neighbor is talking about is a Moving Van full of our Customers household goods, their treasures, their memories, everything they own., and it is my husbands job to protect it, and get it to them safely wherever it is they are moving. Mayflower driver takes great pride in what he does, and keeping the trailer loaded in eyesight is something I would think everyone would want to know is being done with their goods, rather than just parking the trailer at the only location in Ephrata the shell station, unmanned and easily accessable for anyone to break in to the trailer and leave our customers goods vulnerable to theft, and damage.
    This is very petty, it isn't all that often, some overnight on his way thru to seattle or from seattle to wherever when it is "Full". When he is empty he never parks the truck out front, Then the trailer is parked at the shell station. Regardless, the tractor is in the middle of the block, and doesn't endanger anyone !!, you can see past it from either corner and if the kids are in the street, they shouldn't be, there are sidewalks to keep them safe, from vehicles driving too quickly thru our neighborhood....I hope the city council, and the complaintants, rethink how vulnerable banning trucks in the neighborhood would be for "Their Neighbors", and to have a good neighborhood, all neighbors should care about each other, and not just that a view for a few days a month are hindered. I would happy to open up my husbands logbooks to show just how often he is home, and ask the question "Really, this is worth a complaint"

  • Ranea posted at 7:18 pm on Tue, May 21, 2013.

    Ranea Posts: 1

    I cannot believe this lady! I live on this street, and the semi is no bother at all. From where she lives, the view she has from her window is our house, not the semi. She'd have to look over at it. Not to mention the fact that it's never even there! And where she's saying it's a danger to children walking in the streets? We're lucky enough to have sidewalks. And if our neighbor's motor home (which she's okay with) wasn't blocking the sidewalk, the kids wouldn't have to walk in the street. Also, the semi is parked so far back away from the corner, if she can't see what's coming because the truck is blocking it, then obviously she shouldn't be driving, because her vision really can't be that good. If he was being unsafe about where he put the truck, and left it there for days on end, or weeks at a time, I could see her concern. But the truck isn't there any more than a couple days, maybe once a month. I think she's just got it out for her neighbors. Has she gone and talked to them personally about it?



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