iFIBER ONE News -- Friday, Jan. 18 -- Tonight we look back at the attempt get another murder trial for DAVID NICKELS, and how a 70 year old building at the Grant County International Airport found a new home. We look at terminally ill Soap Lake artist BRENT BLAKE is hosting another art show, and how people in Seattle set a world record.

In sports we look at how Gonzaga is doing on the hardwood. And we have the latest weather forecast for the Columbia Basin from the iFIBER One Weather Center

Our top story – DAVID NICKELS was convicted by a jury for the murder of Ephrata’s SAGE MUNRO. His defense team asked for a new trial. Here with the report is RYAN LANCASTER.

Judge Sperline did not issue a ruling on whether the alleged juror misconduct and post-trial evidence could justify a new trial. Nickels’ attorneys claim they have additional evidence they say points to Ephrata resident IAN LIBBY as SAGE MUNRO’s killer. The defense has long alleged Libby and an accomplice were high on methamphetamine when Munro caught them prowling his truck for guns. Prosecutors have said the new evidence is based on hearsay and call the alleged jury misconduct a “fishing expedition.”

Sperline said he wants both sides to give him any remaining written briefings on the disputed issues before he'll come to a decision on the new trial. Despite the long process, Sperline said everything related to the motions must be a part of the record in the likely event of an appeal.

An old Army build made for World War II was being torn down at the Grant County International Airport. The Port of Moses Lake found a new home for it.

The Ephrata City Council has heard a request for an exception to the change in rental rates for the Ephrata Recreation Center, and they turned it down.

Renowned Soap Lake artist BRENT BLAKE is looking to host another art show, as he struggles with a terminal illness. Here with the story is RYAN LANCASTER.

Each of the people you see here has warrants for their arrest and is wanted by various law enforcement agencies. If you see any of these people, the DOC asks that you not attempt to detain or apprehend them but to call police. You can also call the Department of Corrections at 509-764-6180 during the day or 509-762-1160 after 5pm.

The Gonzaga Men's basketball beat Portland last night 71 to 49. Kelly Olynyk had foul trouble in the first half and had just one basket in 6 minutes of play.  In the second half he showed why he was the West Coast Conference top scorer finishing with 21 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 blocked shots. Kevin Pangos added 14 points including four three-pointers to go along with 3 assists and 2 rebounds.

After the game, head coach Mark Few was asked if this year's team was the best he's ever coached.  He replied, "That's yet to be determined." Portland Head Coach, Eric Reveno, said Gonzaga has the best frontcourt in the country.  We forced them to go to plan B and their plan B is almost as good as the Plan A.

Gonzaga is on top in the West Coast Conference at 4 and 0 and 17 and 1 overall and they're currently ranked 8th in the Associated Press poll. Saturday they will travel to Indianapolis to take on 13th ranked Butler.

Tonight iFIBER ONE Sports will be out at Big Bend tonight to broadcast the Vikings basketball game against Blue Mountain. The Lady Vikings will take the court first at 6:00pm.  They come in ranked 5th in the conference coaches poll and third in the standings with a 2 and 1 record.  The Lady Vikes are 12 and 5 overall.  The Blue Mountain women's team is 1 and 2 in conference and 6 and 9 overall.

The Big Bend Men's team will take the court at around 8:00pm. They're ranked 4th in the coaches poll and are tied for second place with 4 other teams, including Blue Mountain, at 2 and 1.   The Runnin' Vikes are 13-4 overall and the Blue Mountain men are 8-7. Our broadcast will start at 5:30pm tonight and is available in HD to iFIBER TV subscribers on channel 1. It's also free on the Internet and mobile devices at http://www.iFIBERONE.com/LiveTV/

On Saturday we're back at Big Bend to broadcast their games against Treasure Valley starting with the women's game at 1:30pm.  The men will take the court at 4:00pm.

From there we head out to Moses Lake HS to broadcast the boys game on Saturday night starting at 7:00pm when the Chiefs take on the Eisenhower Cadets. Moses Lake is currently in 4th place in the Big 9 conference at 3 and 5. They are 5 and 8 overall.  The Eisenhower boys team has been winless so far this season at 0 and 8 in conference and 0 and 11 overall.

Again, Saturday's broadcasts will be available to iFIBER TV subscribers on Channel ONE and it is free on the Internet and mobile devices at http://www.iFIBERONE.com/LiveTV/

Viewers’ favorite this week was a story about bullfighters and how they save cowboys. Here with the story is.RYAN LANCASTER.

In Northwest news – We have a bit of good news. A lost hiker was rescued after using an emergency beacon. Searchers have found a 39-year-old Seattle man who was lost on a hike at Mount Persis, which is off the Stevens Pass highway east of Gold Bar. Snohomish County sheriff's Lt. BOB BY-DLER says the man is uninjured. BY-DLER says the man's dog got lost yesterday and trapped in a snow-well around a tree. By the time he got the dog out it was dark, so he signaled for help with an emergency beacon. The county mountain rescue team hiked to the location to rescue the man and his dog this morning.

Off-duty police are being told to leave their guns at home if they plan to attend a Seahawks game or any other event at Century Link Field. The management says Century Link Field is safe because of an abundance of uniformed officers at events. KOMO TV reports the new policy isn't sitting well with officers. Police say many officers work in units that require them to be armed at all times.

It might make a funny joke with friends, but lock people in the trunk is a crime – especially with it is children. A woman who was caught speeding on Interstate 405 with three children in the trunk was sentenced yesterday in Everett to six months in jail.

The Daily Herald reports the judge also told ANNA BOYLE she could not see or contact her children for four years. The children — ages 5, 7 and 8 — were placed with relatives after her arrest last September. The 28-year-old pleaded guilty last month to drug possession and unlawful imprisonment.

The Postal Service introduced four apple stamps in a ceremony today at the main post office in Yakima. The stamps depict four varieties of apples. Golden Delicious and Granny Smith are Northwest favorites. Northern Spy and Baldwin are East Coast varieties.

Postal Service spokesperson ERNIE SWANSON says the apple stamps are for postcards and carry the new 33-cent price that goes into effect on Jan. 27. First-class stamps also will be going up on that date to 46 cents.

What's in an inch? Apparently, enough missing meat, cheese and tomatoes to cause an uproar. Subway is the world's largest fast food chain with stores in Moses Lake, Quincy and Ephrata. They are facing criticism after an Australian man posted a picture on the company's Facebook page of one of its famous foot long sandwiches next to a tape measure that seems to shows it's just 11 inches.

More than 100,000 people have "liked" or commented on the photo, which has the caption "Subway please respond." The New York Post considered it news worthy and conducted an investigation that found four out of seven foot long sandwiches were shy of foot longs.I think I could with an inch less of lunch.

That's going to do it for us here at iFIBER ONE News. We want to thank you for watching and we'll see you again tomorrow.



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