Moses Lake police report provides Nathon Brooks' possible motivation for shooting his parents

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Posted: Monday, March 11, 2013 9:25 pm

WARNING: The following story contains detailed information from the Moses Lake police’s investigation report on why Nathon Brooks is charged with two counts of attempted murder in the first degree. Some of the material may be disturbing. This story sheds insight into the possible motive of a 14-year-old Moses Lake teenager now charged in court with trying to kill his parents.

– Bill Stevenson, news director

EPHRATA – Nathon Brooks reportedly wanted to kill his parents since he was 8 and it was taking away his video games that led to him shooting them while they were sleeping.

The 14-year-old Moses Lake boy reportedly confessed to trying to kill his parents in the bedroom of their Battery Road home, according to a Moses Lake police report.

He was allegedly upset with being grounded for two weeks from using any “electronic devices,” which included playing video games. He had received detention for being late to class.

Nathon Brooks told an interviewing police officer he would play games every chance he could.

“He said he quit playing violent video games because he thought they were making him more violent,” Moses Lake police Sgt. Mike Williams wrote in his report. “I asked him how much he played video games, and he told me ‘24/7,’ up until he got his electronics taken away.”

When Williams asked “what triggered him to shoot his parents,” Brooks allegedly said it was when his father told him they would have a long day on Saturday doing chores and playing basketball, according to the police report.

“Nathon said he had a long talk with his parents about how they were disappointed with his ongoing disobedience. He told me that he had gotten in trouble for taking a credit card from his parents, and his mom had said he was meeting the definition of insanity, the fact that he kept trying the same thing over and over expecting a different result,” Williams wrote in his report.

Brooks was allegedly so angry he went to a locked plastic gun safe in a spare bedroom and pried the door open enough to grab a .22 caliber pistol from inside. He reportedly waited for about 90 minutes while listening to music while he decided whether he wanted to kill his parents, according to court records.

“He said he was rethinking it, but said ultimately the voice telling him to do it was louder than the one telling him not to,” according to Williams’ police report. “He said he just heard over and over in his head that he would be able to do whatever he wanted if he killed his parents.”

When the battery ran out on his radio, he reportedly plugged it in to charge and took the gun to his parents’ bedroom. He allegedly sneaked into the room, and aimed at the back of his father's head.

“He shot his dad first, (and) then he shot his mom, (and) then shot again at his dad when (his father) rolled out of bed,” according to Williams’ report. “Nathon said that when he was firing at his mom and she tried to get up, so he fired at her twice more and she stopped moving.”

Nathon Brooks allegedly told police he “got mad and things went blank,” but later gave details of how he reportedly shot his parents.

 When the gun was empty, Brooks reportedly went back downstairs to reload. He allegedly became scared when he heard his dad yelling and saying he was getting his .40 caliber pistol, and dropped the bullets at first. He reported running out the back door and throwing the reloaded gun in the swimming pool.

Police arrived at the home after Jonathan Brooks, 38, called 9-1-1 to report he and his wife, Elizabeth Brooks, 39, had been shot by a stranger.

Jonathan Brooks reported waking up to the first shot being fired, seeing a figure standing in the doorway, and rolling off the bed to grab the gun he kept under his mattress. When he was grabbing the weapon, he heard several more shots. Once he got the gun out, the figure was gone and he realized his wife was shot.

When officers arrived on the scene, they were greeted by Jonathan Brooks and Nathon Brooks at a window. Nathon Brooks answered the door wearing only his underwear.

The investigation report noted two officers recognized Nathon Brooks because he played basketball on teams with the police officers’ sons.

 “As the officers entered the residence, (an officer) asked Nathon where the shooter was, and Nathon told him the shooter had left,” according to the police report.

Officers found six spent .22 shell casings on the living room floor and found the victims. Jonathan Brooks had been shot at least once in the head, and his wife had been shot at least twice, once in the left side of the face, and once in the hand.

A surveillance camera Jonathan Brooks set up to monitor whether Nathon Brooks was doing his chores reportedly caught the teen walking through the living room carrying the gun, according to the police report.

Nathon Brooks initially told police an intruder broke into the home, and passed by him. He allegedly changed his story when confronted with the video, and confessed to the shooting, saying he wanted to kill his parents, according to police reports.

While Nathon Brooks has no criminal history, Moses Lake police have previously investigated a report of him molesting a girl younger than himself in 2010, according to the police report. Jonathon Brooks allegedly refused to let police talk to his son about the molestation accusation and charges were never filed.

Nathon Brooks was arrested Friday night and booked into Grant County Juvenile Detention.

Prosecutors charged the teen with two counts of attempted murder in the first degree on Monday, and Judge pro-tem Doug Anderson set bail at $500,000.

Prosecutors are seeking a hearing to move the case to Grant County Superior Court to try Nathon Brooks as an adult.

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