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Regardless of who wins the election, I hope this country can start seeing each other as individuals, instead of representative of groups that we either belong to, or fear.

When we start seeing people only as members of a particular group, we tend to see them as less human. I think we need a bit more humanity in Eastern Washington.

Let’s start with a simple phrase from an iFiber story written by Shawn Goggins and printed on November 2: “The Antifia member who spoke with KIMA says Antifa is an idea, not an organization.” What could be clearer than this statement? It bears out what the DOJ has said about Antifa—it’s not an organization, it’s an idea.

Once again, the entire point of this event was to dismiss the idea that there is a frightening, violent organization called “Antifa” which is behind the protests in America.

Calling these non-violent protesters a “sect” implies that they are plotting something, fomenting violence, undermining the American way of life when in fact, all they’re doing is passing out Milk Duds. 

It seems that the reporter missed the entire point of the folks standing on a corner in Ellensburg on Halloween, dressed in black and handing out candy.

They weren’t “Antifa members” any more than the kids downtown were pirates, zombies, or ninja turtles.

They were people, dressed in black, giving candy to kids because that’s what people do on Halloween.

And their signs should tell us only one thing: they reject fascism—as we all should! 

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What is this point? Glad you expressed it?


It seems to me that many people would like to be identified according to the groups they congregate with. For some it might be their church or club, such as the elks or the water buffalos. People choose to affiliate themselves with like minded people. Antifia is a flag carrying face covering gang... yep I said it GANG. I can think of another gang that covers their face with sheets and parades around quoting scripture.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck



The folks in Ellensburg didn't cover their faces. They didn't quote scripture. Your duck is missing its bill and its webbed feet. I don't think that's a duck anymore.

@the real JohnQPublic

Dang Steve, we always wuz people. The intolerant won't stand to hear a different opinion than theirs. Unfortunately, they will always be intolerant until they hear their opinion coming from someone else's mouth. Civil discourse and disagreement can't be mandated.


This article is utter trash. Antifa wants to be known as a group, that's why they all wear black, cover their faces and have a flag and website. Go sell crazy somewhere else!!


How can "Antifa" want anything? It's a name of a philosophy. These are people who believe in that philosophy, but don't want to be known as a group because they disagree with what other people do in the name of that philosophy. These people didn't cover their faces. I think you kind of missed the point.

The Rural Realist

The Bible indicates the division will only get worse....Much worse. The characteristics of Trump personality has been the catalyst that stimulated the expression of long term deep seated feelingso of hate and frustration to boil to the surface. He didn't create the feelings but under his leadership, it was acceptable, even encouraged, to be expressed. It's like Pandora's box now though, there is no turning back. We are divided in manor like never before. I would venture to say we are divided as a country even more so than we were at the time of the civil war.


And Hitler catalyzed the hatred of the Jews. That doesn't mean that either he, or the Germans in the early 20th Century were right. The Bible? Come on, man. Is someone going to part the sea so that his people can escape tyranny after the election?

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