SEATTLE (AP) — As Seattle crossed the 100-day mark for protests against racial injustice and police violence, demonstrations continued Monday focused on the Seattle Police Department, its budget and the police union.

The Seattle Times reports about 200 people marched to the Sodo offices of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, where police descended on the crowd, scuffles broke out and 22 people were arrested on suspicion of assault, arson, obstructing and failure to disperse.

Meanwhile, King County Equity Now and Decriminalize Seattle organized a separate caravan of events Monday in all seven Seattle City Council districts. The groups called on the City Council to override Mayor Jenny Durkan’s veto of the council’s revised 2020 budget that would have cut up to 100 police officers and made other reductions to the police department.

The groups have called for redirecting funds to Black-led organizations and community services. Durkan has criticized the City Council for what she calls insufficient planning for the police cuts and objected to cutting the salaries of SPD’s command staff.

Protesters arrived at the SPOG office in Sodo shortly after 6 p.m. Most wore black and some carried shields, umbrellas and gas masks.

When the group arrived, dozens of officers rode out from behind the building on bikes and confronted the crowd.

Officers ordered people to back up, rode into the crowd and grabbed umbrellas from protesters. A protester deployed a fire extinguisher; police pushed their bikes into the crowd and used pepper spray and blast balls or flash-bang grenades.

After officers began pushing the crowd out of the area, some in the group threw fireworks at police. As officers tried to make arrests, scuffles broke out.

From the front of the crowd of protesters, it was not immediately clear what prompted the police response. Seattle police later said that as officers made arrests, members of the crowd threw rocks, bottles and explosives.

The department said it found Molotov cocktails at the SPOG building and posted a photo of three unbroken beer bottles containing fluid and bandannas. A body camera video posted by the department showed an object thrown from the crowd land in the street between protesters and police and start a fire, which the department said was a Molotov cocktail.

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Nice work boys. When an "assembly" becomes criminal you win the "get arrested" prize. About time!

Obey Your Master

Left out of the story: The cops blasted Big 'n' Rich's "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" from the HQ as they 'rode out" out on their bicycles to attack the crowd. Not kidding! Here, have read about it:


This is exactly why you Leftists are loathed. Police had to endure their HQ’s being torched, bricks and projectiles throw at them, public shaming by degenerates screaming in their face, threat of violence toward and defunded, yet you’re in a tizzy because they played a song that offended you before they went out to do their job. Can you guys be any softer?


Hey Mr. Trump hater, we are getting fed up with this so called peaceful demonstration crap. The BLM and ANTIFA IS no different than the kkk!! Try that crap here and it turns violent and I would guess you would make excuses for them.

Obey Your Master

Just thot you guys might think it was funny. The original, famous video was kind of a country-rap thing and sort of "we can all get along," which I think was the cops' intent.

Watching them attack the citizenry and then arrest people for standing their ground against fascism was kind of interesting, too. Did you watch the video in the link, Trumptards, or is that to high-tech for you?


No, anything you post isn’t worth the time.


i feel the theme song from cops should have been played. would have made the arrest much more enjoyable. well done PD lets get these rats off the streets

The Rural Realist

I hope they don't lose their jobs over this.

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