EVERETT, Wash. (AP) - Charges were dismissed against an Everett man accused of sending suspicious packages to the Washington D.C. area in 2018.

KING-TV reports the indictment against Thanh Cong Phan was dismissed Monday due to reasons related to Phan's mental condition, according to court documents.

Phan was arrested in March 2018 after the FBI said he sent at least 18 suspicious packages to military installations and government facilities in Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland. The packages contained homemade explosive materials along with letters that were "incoherent ramblings" about neuropsychology, mind control, and terrorism.

A U.S. postal inspector used a tracking number on the package sent to FBI headquarters to determine it was sent from Mill Creek. The inspector matched surveillance footage of Phan paying for the package with his Department of Licensing photo.

Phan sent hundreds of letters and emails to government agencies for three years before sending the suspicious packages, according to charging documents.

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The Rural Realist

That's great they have let him off because I know that when someone is a victim of a violent crime it makes them feel so much better about the situation if the perpetrator was mentally unstable. I was just a funeral for a murder victim the the other day and i overheard his widow saying to her children not to be upset and empty over the loss of their father because the killer had mental problems so he should not be punished for his actions. She went in to tell the kids they should just suck-it-up because having mentally unstable people free and out amount us is a form of diversity and diversity makes us stronger, besides she said, he should be free because it's not like he can kill your dad again and everyone deserves a second chance.

Vote for things that matter like diversity over safety. Biden2020 Inslee2021.


I see a smart ass comment from you nearly every day. Get a life.

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