Video by Joseph Siemandel 

Joint Forces Headquarters, Washington National Guard

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Can't fix stupid.

Desert Dweller

I thought he was a General not a Doctor.


The reporters and deleters have returned.. When you cannot defend your position from others... All else fails see if you can delete the argument you cannot defend against..


indent: Have to agree with you on this one.


I had a lot of respect for General Mattis.. HOWEVER, did that idiot just take his mask off so he could preach about wearing a mask?? If a mask stops the spread of the disease (which it doesn't) why would you take it off so you could talk??

Anyway a Washington State propaganda video that shows the hypocrisy of the leadership of Washington. Idiots I swear..


If it doesn't stop the spread of the disease, then please explain how countries that had early mask adoption have halted the disease much faster than the US.

Trumpus Interruptus

He's a troll who just called a retired General of the Marine Corp and Secretary of Defense an "idiot." Then spread false coronavirus-denial propaganda about masks. Do not engage.


@indent .. How about you PROVE your statement by listening WHAT country adopted early mask and the disease spread less.. I have already talked about South Korea and China which implemented VERY strict social tracking via cell phones.. You had not right to privacy and most citizen expected none.. The government tracked your EVERY step and knew what store you went to, who you were near, how long you stayed next to that person, and if you went to the doctor all that data was then used..

Are you giving the United States Government permission to track you that closely?? You might have a choice soon as they will say it is a "public safety" requirement and mandate it..


Think I'd follow the General any day over you opinion.


Opinion: I think if you read (if you can) the published rules for our masks 6 feet is the magic number (Ha Ha) and I don't see anyone within 6 feet of the General. Seems to me the "idiot" and "dumb" one is not the General.


@carlo ... Oh I must have misunderstood the video then.. So if you are not within 6 feet of someone you don't have to wear a mask.. His video forgot that information..

So Carlos is so smart he has declared all by himself that you do not have to wear a mask if you are not within 6 feet of someone.. (Too bad CARLOS didn't read the copy he could understand)


For the record I do not support the mask but I do support the general especially against incompetent, arogenate, ignorance.


Outdoors and unable to keep six feet away from others not in their household. Right in the article.

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