Gov. Jay Inslee

OLYMPIA - Gov. Jay Inslee has introduced legislation that would permanently ban flavored vape products.

The legislation comes after a September executive order signed by Inslee and adopted by the state Board of Health that enacted an emergency ban on the sale of flavored vapor products amid concerns over an outbreak of lung illnesses linked to vapor products.

In addition to prohibiting the sale of any flavored vapor products, the legislation would also place limits on the amount of nicotine in vapor products, require a manufacturing license for any business producing those products, require ingredient disclosure to the Department of Health and place new limits on the marketing of vapor products.

In December, the U.S. Surgeon General declared e-cigarette use among youth an epidemic in the country. A 2019 Healthy Youth Survey for Washington found about 27 percent of high school students reported current use of e-cigarettes.

A health impact review performed by the state Board of Health last year concluded that eliminating flavored vapor products would likely decrease initiation and use of vapor products and other tobacco products among youth and young adults.

Inslee’s legislation is sponsored by Sen. Patty Kuderer (D-Bellevue) and Rep. Gerry Pollet (D-Seattle).

The 60-day legislative session convened on Monday.

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Wash girl


You’re not our knight in shining armor. This is the real life we live . What a crazy fairytale world you live in. You have resources available to do something really constructive and insightful.

I’m waiting.


Save us from ourselves, oh Mr. Smart Guy Glasses!


Ban flavored vaping but encourage people to do heroin by trying to setup "safe injection sites" Inslee is a fucking joke.

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