Workers with masks during the lockdawn for the Covid-19 pandemic, with a pipe cutter, cut a galvanized steel pipe positioned on a stand to perform a repair of an underground gas line.

Workers with masks during the lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic, with a pipe cutter, cut a galvanized steel pipe positioned on a stand to perform a repair of an underground gas line.

SEATTLE -- Union workers say it's time for Congress to support public-sector workers and pass the HEROES Act. The $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus legislation passed in the House in May would provide $875 billion to state and local governments, which have been hit hard by COVID-19.

Carissa Hahn is executive vice president of the Communications Workers of America local in Seattle and works at AT&T Mobility.

"So with everyone depending on public-sector workers, we can't turn our backs on them," Hahn said. "We need to have everyone come together, because the whole community is going to suffer if these workers aren't providing their job services."

Other unions, including the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and American Federation of Teachers, also are calling on the Senate to pass the HEROES Act.

Legislative specialist with the Communications Workers of America Elena Lopez said the bill has other benefits, including strengthening Occupational Safety and Health Administration work standards. She said OSHA has only issued voluntary guidelines for protecting workers during this pandemic. Greater protections could keep employers from creating unsafe work places.

"It ensures protections so that if workers don't feel comfortable going to work that they can report their employer and not be fired for doing so," Lopez said.

Hahn said it's crucial that relief efforts go to workers, not big corporations. She said the workers in need right now are the backbone of the economy and of communities.

"If our community is in jeopardy, then we're all in jeopardy," Hahn said. "And I think that that moment is becoming very clear right now."

The HEROES Act also includes hazard pay for front-line workers as well as extended paid sick leave and unemployment benefits.

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cryingtoddlerlibs read that bill? Tax payer funded Democrat wishlist. VETO! Or rid it of all the pork fat..


If I was expecting to get a bonus check from the Government of $15,000 dollars I'd be pushing for this deal too..

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