SEATTLE - Gov. Jay Inslee has extended the state’s Safe Start proclamation through July 9 in anticipation of additional modifications to be made early next week.

Inslee is expected to provide an update on the upcoming modifications on Thursday.

The Safe Start order was set to expire at midnight Wednesday without the extension.

The Safe Start proclamation was announced at the end of May, creating the state’s phased approach to reopening for individual counties.

Currently, 17 counties are in Phase 3 of the Safe Start plan and 17 are in Phase 2 — including Grant and Adams counties. Chelan and Douglas counties remain in a modified Phase 1 and Benton, Franklin and Yakima counties are in Phase 1.

As of June 30, more than 33,400 Washington residents have tested positive for COVID-19 and at least 1,339 people have died. About 572,000 people have been tested with about 5.8 percent of the tests returning positive.

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Don't be a 'donald'! You can't have it both ways. Go play with razor blades, it's your right to do so.


Proclamation, and not any LAW, is what Inslee has perpetrated upon the citizens of Washington. Kings make proclamation, governors SIGN laws that legislators send to the governor to be signed into law. It is the only way to enact something that citizens MUST follow. A proclamation is not law, and Inslee knows this and has stepped over his boundaries in doing so.

While there are more positive tests than ever for the CV-19, the vast majority of positive tested people have no symptoms, and never have had any symptoms. This is a direct indication that we as a group (human beings) are becoming immune to the China Wu-Flu.

The only decent explanation is that the democrats are trying to tank the economy in an effort to tank Trump. So, tell me, who do they represent? You? Me? Or themselves?


Well said.


"Are becoming immune..." Uh...just how is that happening? Do you have any idea how natural selection works? It's not like the body can say "Hey--Ned McGonical over in Quincy got the Covid, so I'd better come up with a way to fight it off!" Either you get it, or you don't. There's no immunity based on the idea that it's just there in other people. Or do you have a better explanation of how immunity takes place?

Immunity comes when there's a vaccine, or when people who are prone to being killed by the full-blown illness fall out of the gene pool. What other mechanisms could possibly be at work?


Fireworks an essential business

What happened?

Must have a bruised ego from his Richland appearance.


Agreed..he needs to wash the sand from his panties

@the real JohnQPublic

You can hear any of his past speeches with any device that produces hot air. Hand dryer, hair dryer, space heater, heat gun, these are all good ways to hear his speeches.

The Rural Realist

Doesn't that seem a bit ironic..... That Prince Inslee now refers to his orders as proclamations.


He believes he is President.

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