OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Washington Gov. Jay Inslee warned Friday that while he has not yet enacted more stringent social distancing requirements to fight the spread of coronavirus like those imposed by California, New York and other states, if people continue to ignore current requirements he “will go farther to protect 7 million Washingtonians.”

The state has already closed schools through late April, banned events and large gatherings and ordered bars to close and restaurants to serve only take out or drive thru options. But in some Seattle parks and beaches large crowds have gathered during recent sunny days.

“We remain concerned that some of our state are not taking the measures that are absolutely necessary to preserve health and life and limb in the state of Washington,” Inslee said at a news conference Friday night.

Shortly after Inslee’s news conference authorities announced that King County and Seattle were closing sports courts, playground equipment and other recreation areas. King County said ballfields and playfields were open for walking. Parks and beaches where people could space out would also remain open.

Washington has reported at least 83 deaths from COVID-19, the most in the United States, and more than 1,500 confirmed cases. For most people, the coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, or death. The vast majority of people recover.

Inslee also said that he was working on a proclamation to ensure older workers and those with underlying health conditions “have a legal right to leave the workplace to protect their health and self-isolate for the duration of this outbreak.”

“Employers have got to do their part to help flatten this curve,” he said.

Also Friday, Inslee sent a letter to President Donald Trump asking for him to declare a major disaster in the state. Such a declaration would enable additional federal assistance to residents affected by COVID-19. Those benefits include expanded unemployment assistance and basic food benefits.

“The state urgently requires additional supplemental federal emergency assistance in order to save lives, protect public health and safety, and limit further spread of the disease,” Inslee wrote.

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How bout they do something to make sure the person that has it is self quarantine.. I heard that the guy from the high school that has it in Quincy was going through the drive through at Burger King.. the employees at Burger King didn’t want to take his money until finally my friends wife took his money.. what good does the stay at home do if the person that has it can be driving around town spreading it..


Hard to believe the words from a guy who cant tie his own shoes..




I agree with my2cents4ya. I am forced to work mandatory overtime, wondering if that coworker cough is spreading the virus. I love my kids and do not want to die at 50.


All I know is it’s hard being someone who is vulnerable to any serious illness and still have to go to work and deal with SO MANY different people who are honestly acting like this is all just a vacation for everyone. They are NOT taking any measures to protect themselves or any one else around them. Then to know that because of everyone’s choices to ignore the seriousness of it all, now I’m suffering because I can’t meet my brand new grand baby and I still have to go to work and come in contact with tons of possibly infected people! I don’t wanna die before I’m even 40 people!!


I hope all people who are extremely vulnerable to ANY diseases take extra precautions during this time. With that said, it should not be expected that the 99.9% of the rest of the population be confined to home so we don't infect that .01%..

It is my hope that everyone understands that "flattening the curve" does not mean you will NOT get this disease.. YOU WILL GET THIS DISEASE!!!!!!! It only means that you will get it LATER and when you do the hospitals and medical staff won't be overwhelmed to take care of you.. So PLEASE prepare yourself to get this virus..


.1 percent is extremely vulnerable? Where did you get that figure? Did you "have a feeling" like Trump so often does? The number is at least 30 times that.


#1 I said .01 not .1 and that number comes from the statistics that are out there of people who are contracting the disease but only have "mild" symptoms and the "extremely vulnerable" portion of the population (those have have underlying health issues to all diseases).. How many people do you know that have such bad health that they go to the hospital if they get the FLU?? That is the same as this disease.. This disease is just a lot more contagious..

Yes you have to put some numbers from different studies.. Primarily the studies that are saying that unless you are reacting to any illness adversely then Department of Health guidelines will kick in. If you REALLY want to know more then here is the guidelines.

And pretty much anything I say.... I can back up with supporting documentation and evidence.. Can you??


Do we want to start facts and timelines?

I'd sure love to.


How can I argue with someone who thinks that 100% - 99.9% is .01%? 🤷




Everyone gets punished because a few people aren't listening to advice about stopping the spread. He should restrict travel from East and West sides of the state. You westsiders can't come over here because we need all the open space we can get.


What do you mean "everyone gets punished?" As I read it, he's holding off on any official measures for right now.


I can explain it to you, but I can't make you understand it.


I doubt that you could explain it to me. 🙄


For once, we agree that you can't understand anything that isn't your opinion. It's interesting that this coronavirus is bringing us together and allowing us to see the same thing.


We agree on very little. For example, why would you think that restricting cross-state travel would help? Eastern WA has become a hot-spot for the disease. Keeping Coasties away won't fix that.

Desert Dweller

Yeah but keeping the Coastie's away makes it so much more pleasant over here,


So you'd capitalize on a health emergency to punish people who disagree with you politically. How very 1930s Germany of you.

Desert Dweller

Not punishment just more pleasant if the Coastie's stay where they live.

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