OLYMPIA — Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced Tuesday that the statewide pause for counties looking to advance from their current stage of COVID-19 economic reopening will continue indefinitely.

It’s the second time the pause has been extended since first implemented earlier this month. The extension comes days after Inslee tightened restrictions throughout the state for indoor activities in a further effort to stem a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Seventeen counties are in phase three of a four-part reopening process, 17 counties are currently in phase two and five counties are in a modified phase one of reopening.

State officials confirmed 875 more cases Tuesday, bringing the total number of positive cases to more than 54,200. Thirty more deaths also were reported, raising the death toll to at least 1,548.

The virus causes mild to moderate symptoms in most patients, and the vast majority recover. But it is highly contagious and can cause severe illness and death in some patients, particularly the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

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You know I think other Tyrants across much of history have made "emergency declarations" that give themselves supreme power indefinite also.. But hey this State is on the verge on a pandemic NIGHTMARE with 9 people sick.. (out of 100 THousands) The HORROR!!!!!!!

Bow to Lord and Ruler Jay INSLEE you Government leechs and scared chicken littles.. Because Grant County is suffering TOO much and Jay Inslee is going to show you ignorant hilly billy Farm people how you are suppose to live your life to correct way..

I think China has some of those "education camps" also.. In Washington we don't call them camps we call them "ways businesses must operate".. If you don't do it "our Government way" you do not get to purchase food..

Not sure which way is better.. Chinese or Inslee

@the real JohnQPublic

What does that mean? "not a collection not of cities or counties"


Golly... I guess I put in an extra word accidentally. There goes my argument. ☹️

@the real JohnQPublic

Yeah, why bother making an argument correctly? Just keep following your model.


Like your argument that the s***house party has the majority in the Senate? ;) What "model" was that?

Stfu deplorables

"Americas Frontline Doctors" ?? LMAO. If anyone believes that garbage you suck at life.

Desert Dweller

So why don't you argue the point instead of censoring the speech?

Afraid you might be proven wrong maybe?


Where would you draw the line? These are the same kind of people who argue that gargling bleach prevents Covid. They are giving dangerous advice that will be taken by people who aren't bright enough to know better. Sadly, our President is one of those people. He was taking HCQ as prophylaxis--something that no one I've ever heard of is recommending. So at some point, these platforms have to protect themselves from being sued. You're the one who complains about political solutions for diseases not working. Well, these folks are more politician than doctor. Their goal is not to cure Covid. It's to keep Trump in power. Although one of them apparently believes that all people in higher government are "reptilians" and are only pretending to be humans.

Desert Dweller

Wow, 150 doctors actually treating patients and you want to politicize that.

Can't even consider their argument when there are actually some studies that say that hydroxychloroquine is effective as a therapy for the chinese flu.

So sad to have your belief system upset so.

Keep those blinders on!!


I saw eight lab coats. Not 150. One of those people hasn't practiced medicine in several years, and is now a bitcoin promoter. Another believes that disease comes from demons astral projecting into our bodies. Where do you get this "150" figure? Who are they? What are their credentials? And as for your studies, you will recall that I mopped the floor with you last time you suggested one. There are NO reputable studies that demonstrate that HCQ is effective as a therapy for Covid. There are reputable studies that support other therapies. Would you like to try again? Link to one of these studies that demonstrates the effectiveness of HCQ as a therapy for Covid.

Desert Dweller

So you say denying the Ford study means you mopped the floor with me?

It means you are in denial.


I pointed out the flaws in the Ford study. It's not my fault that you lack the intellectual capacity to understand my criticism. I'm not the only one. Other people have debunked that study based on its flawed methodology.

Desert Dweller

And the doctors that put out the video that the liberal media quashed are all shills for trump?

You cannot accept that it works, trial or no trial there is far too much patient support for having been cured by it, and their Doctors stand up for it too.

Of course that doesn't fit your political narrative so keep hiding in your basement waiting for the vaccine.

Desert Dweller



Desert Dweller

Well you pick your doctor to believe.

Somehow Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook as arbiters of science shutting down frontline doctors is not the experts I would choose to give me medical advice.

And whether you like the Ford study or not, people were helped with HCQ by those doctors, a flawed methodology does not un-heal the patients.

Keep your political ideology I'll keep mine.


Desert Dweller

Why do you suppose they took down the video put up by "Americas Frontline Doctors"? They even killed their website. Seems like 150 frontline Doctors talking about the Chinese flu and how to deal with it would have been really good information for the public as a whole. Love them liberals. If it don't suit their ideals it has to go. It's kinda like the "peacefull" protest in Portland at the federal building.


I think they took it down because it was right wing, dark money nonsense that anyone with any inkling of how covid works would recognize as political theater. Killed their website? Who could have done that? If it came down, they must have taken it down themselves.

Desert Dweller

Bet it just scared the crap out of the liberals.

Fear of being contradicted, such a terrible thing.


Demon semen. That's all I've got to say about that.

Desert Dweller



Why the disinformation? Two reasons.

For Russia, the social upheaval and economic damage of Covidiocy weakens the US standing. Long-term goal for our enemies: Remove the dollar as the world currency standard. I won't go into suspicions about Trump's relationship with the Russians.

Reason Two: Dark Money neoliberals are motivated to create resistance to socialist or community-based solutions to the virus, especially after seeing the Social-Democratic European Union rebound quickly. The big fear for many alt-right, libertarian, whatever supporters is a sea change toward Social Democracy in the US. They will keep tossing up falsehoods and confusion for their base to consume to keep them from "joining up" with what actually works.

If you don't know about Soviet style disinformation campaigns, it's unfortunately become our American duty to do so. Just a fact of life. The most corrosive thing about disinfo is that it infects people with the idea that they can't trust or believe anything they hear. This destabilizes societies.


Once the society is destabilized and people can't/won't trust what anyone but their "tribe" is saying, they can't reach agreement democratically. So, in the interest of calming things down, they become willing to accept an Authoritarian state solution.

Like a trial run of Federal shock troops in Portland. Think we won't see them again? Oh, just for "those other" people? That's how everybody thinks. Before its too late.

Oh Really

Uh . Alien sperm. Yep. Who needs Faucti.

November is Coming

Snowflakes, sperm flakes. . . all the same

Desert Dweller


Sounds like there is no objective goal in sight to me.

9 folks hospitalized in the county.

It's a virus, there is no political solution.

If you know how to follow hygiene protocol to avoid the seasonal flu you have grabbed the brass ring.

If you think a mask is going to protect you, or not being able to associate with other people will keep you safe, get about your hermit life and leave me alone.


Commenters below are asking about Inslee's goal or plan. His goal, as he's stated many times, is to avoid a catastrophic outbreak like we've seen in Texas, Florida and other GOP-governed states. This is simply lousy governance, but let's face it -- many radical GOP politicians are elected to *destroy* governance, aren’t they?

Readers may have missed the comparative state infection-level charts and maybe don't know much about what epidemiologists call R0 or Rt. Short version: The levels we're running now are close to the brink of tipping over to a big mess. Like Yakima county had, until they got back under control with 95% mask adoption.

For readers who have never held an executive-level position: During a crisis, any goal is a moving target based on incomplete information at first. So at first you focus on survival until you can get more information. Then short-term targets focused again on long-term survivability.

And most importantly -- Getting the people in your company to FOLLOW METHODS AND PROCEDURES set forth to achieve those goals.

Effective leaders make their decisions from information gained democratically, then execute like a dictatorship. Anyone who voted for the "businessman" prez and his dictatorial style ought to appreciate a state executive doing his job properly.


JQP, exactly! Also I have a hard time with his hypocrisy. Why would you lecture the whole state to stay masked and then literally tell the crowd that he wouldn't wear one because of his first amendment right?


Did you watch the entire speech, or just that one line? He makes it very clear that he is taking off the mask because people in the press aren't understanding him, and because everyone is socially distancing. He wore it through part of the speech, and put it back on at the end. Honestly--the dishonest things you folks do to prove your points really don't add to your credibility.

stinky stew

the only reason insnokio-- oops inslee wears a mask is to hide his nose. its growing longer daily -- i think its color is brown from the places its been.


It's like he thinks he's the DULY ELECTED GOVERNOR or something. How DARE he attempt to govern the state of Washington when only MOST of the people in the state agree with what he's doing, and only MOST states are doing pretty much the same thing. This is why we need Culp! He's never governed before, so maybe he won't do it when he's elected!


I know it's hard for bureaucrats leeching off the state to understand, but sitting in a chair telling everyone they can't do anything is NOT Governing or being a leader..

A leader has a plan, makes decisions based on that plan, and MOST of the time the plan is suppose to provide positive results. What exactly is Idiot inslee's plan again??

I am not sure destroying the state's economy and the livelihood of the 99% of those unaffected -- is REALLY a great plan..


Agreed....didn't take long for the King to implement his "indefinant" authority over his kindom.

@the real JohnQPublic

If only he was governing. As discussed in another article, he's using others to enforce his mandates. Why aren't those agencies creating their own mandates to combat the covid? Surely they could enforce them.

Here's my underlying problem: he's done something to achieve some goal. What is his goal? It's never really been clear. If you think it's to flatten the curve, fine. How flat? Just flat enough or perfectly level? When I read about what he's doing related to covid, it's not a political issue, it's a medical issue. what is his medical goal? That no one gets it? Some get it? Just the right amount of people get it? Action without a goal is doomed to be wasted effort.


His goal is to keep infections at a level that is manageable, and to ensure that if there is a larger outbreak, we will have the hospital capacity to treat those people who become infected. So elective surgeries are back on, most businesses are able to serve their customers, and we're still staying in that window of a "flattened curve." This latest decision is based on the fact that the numbers are going up again. And the fact that they're going up in certain places and not others indicates that yes--the measures he has suggested do work. I was in Yakima yesterday--one of the Covid hot spots. Everyone at Wesco Paints was masked. Not a single mask in sight at Soracco Landscaping. And lest you invoke stereotypes here, the folks at the landscape store were not Latinx, and the customers at Wesco were. People aren't doing what they should, and so we don't move on to phase 4 because that woudl drive the curve up. It sounds like you don't understand what a flattened curve is. "No one gets it?" No. That's not a flattened curve. "Just the right amount of people get it." Yes. That's it. Why is that so hard to understand? A flattened curve means that a manageable number of people are getting it.

@the real JohnQPublic

Manageable to who? Toppenish? Metaline Falls? Seattle? Making blanket decisions that affect others inappropriately is bad decision making. Who gets to decide whether or not I get the covid? I do.

@the real JohnQPublic

PS. you're being racist if you call out Mexicans. We're all Americans.


@Cheb I don't know why you bother, but I REALLY enjoy the banter. Maybe some day you'll get through to somebody, so keep it up!


He's Governor of a state, not a collection not of cities or counties. What he's doing is masterful. He doesn't need to have authorities crack down on violators until the numbers justify doing so. I can't speak for his entire plan, but he's getting compliance without having to send in stormtroopers. Some people can't get compliance even with stormtroopers.

@the real JohnQPublic

What he's doing is lazy. Masterful? Far from it. Any idiot can say close everything. It takes work (which he's apparently unwilling to do) to make spearate, well informed decisions based on demographics/geography/proximity/business type. I think he sucks.


Most things are not closed anymore. You're mad about something that happened awhile back. That is all.

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