OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has extended the public commentary period for residents to weigh in on how the state should manage the gray wolf population.

KING-TV reports the public commentary period has been extended through Friday, Nov. 15.

The state has in recent years authorized killings of wolves or an entire pack in an effort to stop the wolves from preying on cattle.

The Profanity Peak wolf pack in 2016 was shot by contractors from helicopters. Then wolves from the Sherman and Wedge packs were lethally removed. Members of the Togo pack were killed in 2018 after attacks on cattle.

In August and September, the entire OPT pack and some members of the Grouse Flats pack were killed for the same reason.

The state canceled wolf-related meetings in August, citing concerns of violence from people on both sides of the issue.

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What's wrong with people when they want to visit violence on others because of a difference in the opinions of how to manage wolves? Jeez people, get over it. Figure it out politely with civil discourse.


These wolves that the state has forced on us are not native to our state. They are hybrids that some liberals have grown to love. No one seems to care that our woodland caribou are now extinct in this state and all of our big game herds in the north east corner are feeling the pressure of these vicious killers, not to mention how much the state has spent on trying to manage these wolves. I enjoy spending time in the outdoors with my family, picking berries, fishing, and hunting are a very big part of our lives and seeing first hand the decline in our herds is very disturbing to me and feel permits should be available to help manage these animals. The studies have already been done from Montana, Idaho, Wyoming we don’t need to recreate the wheel!


You're really such a poor hunter that you need to shoot the competition? Seems to me that other human hunters are a much bigger issue than wolves, but we won't go there... The woodland caribou are extinct because of loss of habitat, not because of wolf predation. Look---you like killing big game animals. So do wolves. Why not see that as a bond between you, instead of a reason to kill them all off?


The laws of nature will take over. The wolves were brought back, they are only doing what they were born to do. Instead of killing them, we are just going to have to learn to live with them. Humans are the only animal bad for this planet.

Desert Dweller

Fairly obvious that you have not spent your whole life building a ranch and raising cattle to feed the country, your family and your employees only to see the predators take the food out of your families mouth.


Cattle also die by falling into rivers and getting hit by cars. Should we dam up the rivers and ban cars so the poor ranchers don't lose more livestock? Let them raise cattle on land that's inhabited by the creatures that belong on that land.


Actually I do raise a few cows. I know it does stink to lose one to a wolf, but you can't blame the wolf, they do what they do. I didn't agree with them reintroducing them, but here we are, and we need to learn to live together now because they aren't going away. Again like I said, humans are the dumb ones here, not the wolves.


How crazy, people shooting each other over whether it’s right or wrong to shoot wolves. Much like arguing over the rights of law enforcers to kill murderers without a right to trial. Why not export unwanted animals to places where they are loved and wanted instead of hated and hunted by haunted hunters. Their karma will run over their evil dogmas. [love]

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