Gun safety

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — A new report recommends Washington create a centralized system for gun-purchase background checks.

The state Office of Financial Management report says such a system would increase public safety with more consistent training and oversight and reduce burden on local law enforcement performing more than 440,000 checks annually.

The Seattle Times reports that state lawmakers earlier this year unanimously passed legislation that authorized the report, which studied the feasibility of centralizing the checks. Bill sponsors hope work on changes to the system can start next year.

The report identified weaknesses in the current system, in which some checks are done by more than 200 local law enforcement agencies and others by the FBI.

A new system could allow a firearms dealer to contact the State Patrol for a check instead.

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Desert Dweller

Take a moment to consider that an armed society in which the majority of responsible citizens carry guns will always be a polite society. It's self defense.

Desert Dweller

They already changed the law in Washington so that every gun sale whether private or retail has to have a federal background check. Where are they trying to go with this, complete gun registration within the state?


This is nothing more then a sugarcoated firearm registration for confiscation at a later date, anything coming out of Olympia on firearms is not in the interest of John Q Public or his/her rights.


It's in my best interests to have fewer guns in the hands of people who would not pass the background check.


Maybe this will finally keep guns from criminal hands!

Desert Dweller

Maybe the bureaucrats will develop the ability to reason too! Hoping over here!!


No need to worry. The NRA will fight it, because keeping guns out of the hands of CRAZY people is still keeping guns out of the hands of people.

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