SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - A Spokane County Jail corrections officer shot and killed a woman in the lobby of the facility, the first fatal shooting the jail has recorded.

Around 8 p.m. Friday, a woman came into the foyer of the jail, Spokane County Jail director Mike Sparber said. She pressed a button several times to be buzzed in by the receptionist, the Spokesman-Review reported.

The receptionist was trying to figure out what the woman needed, but she did not respond and continued to "pound on the door," Sparber said.

Protocol called for a sergeant to respond. When he reached the door, it was open, meaning the receptionist unlocked it. The woman came in and was carrying "an edged weapon," which Sparber said he believes was a knife. The officer told her to back away and disarm herself, Sparber said.

The officer fired shots and the woman died.

Sparber said he does not know why she was trying to come in, but the foyer is open for people who want to post bail. Her identity has not been released, nor has the identity of the officer.

While some corrections officers do have stun guns or pepper spray, Jared Webley, a spokesperson for the county, said he didn't know whether the officer had either on him.

Washington State Patrol is the lead agency on the investigation and Spokane Police Department is assisting, Sgt. Terry Preuninger said.

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How do you choose your fate at 70 years old in the middle of a Virus. Was this a Cop or a Jailor? The Police should have been dispatched. No not all Police shoot first.


Well, now this is a mess..Many violations and a Woman dead..


Bummer. Sometimes the officer does has to do things no one wants to do. He has to live with killing the lady who tried to hurt him. I wouldn't say he is right or wrong but I think we all can agree on attacking a police officer with a "edged weapon" in the police station was not a wise decision. At the end of the day its not like he's above the law and is "getting away" with it. I could do the exact same thing at Target if someone was threatening lives with a knife. There certainly is no sense justice, just sadness that this situation even manifested itself.


Remember the police shoot first ask questions later.


Can’t imagine a 70 year old as must of a problem. I wonder what was more scary the knife or her walker.


So she was 70. Does that mean she gets a pass on coming at an officer with an edged weapon? No. She chose her fate. She was obviously deranged. Either way, she made a choice and suffered the consequences.


70 year old woman. Unbelievable.




I wonder why they didn’t mention that the lady was 70 years old. Hard to imagine a 70 year old lady with a knife would have to be shot. I don’t think this was justified but I’m sure they will find a way, because if you wear a badge you can’t do anything wrong

The Rural Realist

Why didn't this one make the national news? I bet she turns out to be white.

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