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SEATTLE — The Washington Supreme Court has unanimously struck down Tim Eyman’s Initiative 976, a measure that would have steeply discounted the price of car registrations while gutting transportation budgets across the state.

The justices on Thursday said the measure violated the state Constitution’s requirement that initiatives be limited to a single subject and said its description on the ballot was misleading.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson had asked the Supreme Court to allow the car-tab tax cuts to take affect.

“To be candid, we knew this would be a difficult case,” Ferguson said. “I-976 is the latest in a long list of Eyman tax initiatives struck down by the courts. In fact, Tim Eyman has never written a successful tax initiative that passed legal muster. Every one of his tax initiatives has been thrown out or partially blocked by the courts. Tim Eyman will, of course, do what he has done throughout this case — blame everyone but himself. He will again blame my outstanding legal team, even though the Supreme Court allowed interveners to present Eyman's arguments. He will again blame my office for language in the ballot title that he specifically requested to be included in the title, and that was pulled word-for-word from his initiative. He should look in the mirror and apologize to voters for once again sending them an initiative that failed to survive a legal challenge and deliver on its promises.”

A coalition of cities, King County, and Garfield County’s transit agency brought the lawsuit, saying it would eviscerate funds they need to pay for transit and road maintenance. It would have cost the state and local governments more than $4 billion in revenue over the next six years, according to the state Office of Financial Management.

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Desert Dweller

No surprise, especially after our governor tanked the state economy.

Tail Wagging The Dog

Nothing like the government paid court "you got it we will steal it" Bring on the state of Liberty.


Hmmmm yessss....the State of Liberty. And two senators to represent us in DC! ! !

And . . . California breaks into SEVEN states, so they get 14 senators. Oh?

Stupid rubes.

@the real JohnQPublic

Someone doesn't understand states' rights...conveniently skipping over the governor and going from Trump straight to hate.

@the real JohnQPublic

Run it again, Tim, and this time, follow the rules so it will pass.

Remember, the state is running out of YOUR money and needs all it can get.

Anyone else who voted for it--were you confused by what it meant?

stinky stew

Thank you for inventing Velcro.nasa Carefully trimmed, it could be applied to the back of the cheapest car tabs you buy-- Orv tabs ? i am so over buying these. Where i ride an xr 250 & the other bikes enforcers ride could not make it 20 feet even if world class extreme hard enduro factory riders were mounted up.

Suckers and Losers for Trump

Bwaaahaahaahaaaa! Eyman. And his horde of rubes, dupes and stupes.

Hey, at least they still have Culp to waste their votes on.

The Rural Realist

I guess the cost of car licenses really doesn't make any difference to someone who has to ride GTA.


Why would he need to ride the bus? Liberal Democrats get everything delivered directly to their door.


Don't mean much for me either.


What you should really be worried about is that enough of you left wing seattle lunatics actually supported this to pass it by a large margin, and probably will again when it gets put up next time. Guess even the commies get sick of high taxes eventually.

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