Olympia, Wash. – The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission has finalized its work plan to implement Washington’s new 100% clean electricity law.

The plan outlines the commission’s process and schedule for 19 rulemakings, workgroups, reports, and other proceedings required by E2SSB 5116, known as the Washington Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), and other clean energy legislation passed in the 2019 legislative session. Signed by Gov. Jay Inslee in May, CETA requires, among other things, Washington’s electric utilities to transition to 100% clean power by 2045.

“We are committed to carrying out the requirements of CETA and reaching the goal of 100% clean energy in Washington,” said UTC Chair David Danner. “It’s complicated but absolutely achievable. Now we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.” 

As part of the transition to 100% clean power, the bill directs electric utilities to eliminate coal power from rates by 2025 and to provide offsets after 2030 for any carbon emissions from power generation sources. 

Washington’s investor-owned utilities must develop and implement plans to distribute more electricity from renewable or non-carbon-emitting resources or pay penalties for failing to meet requirements of the law. The UTC will review these utility companies’ plans and ensure compliance with legislative requirements.

On July 30, the UTC held a stakeholder workshop to receive public comments on its proposed draft implementation plan. The commission’s final plan, published today, incorporates many changes suggested by the public at the workshop. Continued public input throughout implementation will be a key component of implementing CETA and related legislation over the next three years.

To learn more the implementation of 2019 energy legislation, visit the commission’s website.

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Desert Dweller

How do you build wind turbines (which require hundreds of tons of coal to forge the steel and make the concrete that anchors them to the ground) while banning coal? How do you make solar panels (which require tons of rare earth materials) when you don’t allow mining on federal lands or don’t allow fossil fuels to run excavation equipment? Are all these people so disconnected from reality that they think the tooth fairy is going to magic up this stuff?


Do the research. The productive lifespan of a wind turbine ensures that it will produce many times the energy consumed in it's manufacture.

Desert Dweller

I have done the research and the best case scenario for a wind turbine is a break even if all goes well. Not to mention nearly 95% of the components for the generator are imported from Europe.


Research does not mean "make crap up."


A new study published in the International Journal of Sustainable Manufacturing looks at the cumulative energy payback of 2-megawatt wind turbines that are used in the Pacific Northwest, precisely calculating the lifecycle energy required for manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and turbine end-of-life processing, and looking at how that stacks up against energy production over the life of the turbines (a working life of 20 years or more is not unusual).

Their findings? In a worst case scenario, it would take one year for the turbine to offset all associated energy expenditure.

Desert Dweller

Take a trip up to their visitor center on Rye Grass and read their own information.

Desert Dweller

Wind energy works with subsidies, nobody builds one of these without the government handout, the total value of the subsidies given to the biggest players in the U.S. wind industry is now $176 billion.

Wind turbines actually increase the cost of electricity. However, this cost is transferred from the ratepayer to the taxpayer, and so goes unnoticed by most Americans.

Wind turbines get the PTC (production tax credit) for the first ten years of their operation. It is so lucrative that wind operators can, and sometimes do, accept a negative price during periods of low demand in order to wipe out the competition.

Without the subsidies there would be no Wind Farms. Regular investors will not invest that kind of money for 15 years (the realistic life of a wind turbine) for a ROI of 4.5 to 5%.

Look at where the Wind Energy stocks are on the Dow.


Caliwashington here we come! Once again, Seattle dictating our wallets :(

Desert Dweller

Now who do you suppose is going to pay for this wonderful idea? Seems odd that as much time as I spend looking into what is going on in the state that I never heard of this until now. It is really disappointing how they are trying to drive us to bankruptcy.

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