SEATTLE - Americans watched in alarm this week as pro-Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol. The Muslim community in Washington state also watched in shock and feared what would come next.

Imraan Sidiqqi, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Washington, said he and other Muslims have been the target of attacks from Trump supporters over the past four years, so his organization sent out an alert for community members to stay vigilant when the siege began.

"Just anticipating that for those who weren't able to make it out to DC for this violent protest," said Sidiqqi. "They're still going to be the folks that are in different local areas looking for ways to act out and to channel their pent-up rage."

Trump supporters were also in Olympia and some armed protesters broke away from a rally at the state Capitol to storm the Governor's Mansion, breaking down a fence surrounding it.

Siddiqi said Trump supporters in Washington DC acted with a sense of impunity he doubts people of color could get away with.

He said police handled Black Lives Matter protesters much more violently over the summer, and also notes that Muslims in America often have been labeled terrorists over the past two decades.

"What constitutes a mob? What constitutes terrorism?" asks Sidiqqi. "These are all just questions that we should be asking because these are just displays of, like, double standards in policing and how we adjudicate these things."

Siddiqi said Americans shouldn't simply move on to the next story.

"It's important to realize that this is not normal," said Sidiqqi. "This is not OK for something like this to happen, and that we really need to have a national conversation [on] how these things are handled."

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The Rural Realist

It's like a geico commercial for them.......think of all the money they are saving on backpacks, training and explosives because someone else is attacking Americans institutions instead of them.


What a sick thing to say. Let me guess, you say "well not all cops are bad" and other things of the sort. Yet contradict it by grouping a whole culture as all bad. Talk about double standards. I've seen what you post all of the time, and I really hope you find healing in your heart, and healing for all the passed down generational trauma. It didn't start with you, but you take responsibility for carrying it and what you do with it.

The Rural Realist

People don't need to be healed from the truth. Facts are facts. Muslims, as a whole, hate America and Americans. I can respect that. We are different cultures. We have different values. They can hate us and we can hate them. What I find so disturbing though is that they have immigrated to America and are trying to destroy our nation by changing it to be similar to their homeland. That makes them and anybody who supports the enemy of our country.


CAIR is jumping onto the victim bandwagon by blaming Trump supporters for some kind of persecution? Their hypocrisy is stunning! CAIR has a mandate, that it is to overthrow this government and institute Sharia law. Trump knew this and has stymied the Muslim immigration into this country. I suppose in their mind this constitutes their claim of victimhood. Meanwhile CAIR continues to persecute Jews and Christians, whom they intend to eliminate in the end.


This is a troubling time for this great country. Many Americans are abusing the freedoms our forefathers have worked so hard to put in place for us.

These people who rioted at the state capital and at our nations capital should be held accountable for their actions.

I agree with Mr. Sidiqqi, we should all be vigilant and protect ourselves and our country from these shortsighted people who would take our terrorize our nation because of their ignorance, hate and fear.

I pray that our people can come together and find some common ground, we all have children that we love. Let us think of them and try to mend our nation. We should teach them love, peace and respect, then maybe our GREAT nation might have a chance at a true democracy.


Very well said

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