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OLYMPIA — Washington officials have reduced the number of coronavirus deaths in the state by 39.

The News Tribune of Tacoma reported that the state Department of Health reported 1,101 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Monday — bringing the total to 41,757 — but revised the number of deaths down to 1,399 from the previous 1,438 after determining 39 deaths to be from natural causes.

“We will continue to update death counts as additional information on cause of death is received,” the state said.

King County continues to have the highest numbers in Washington, with 12,077 cases and 624 deaths, followed by Yakima County, which has reported 8,325 cases and 180 deaths.

In north central Washington, eight COVID-19 deaths have been reported in Grant County, seven in Chelan County, three in Douglas County, eight in Kittitas County and two in Okanogan County. No deaths have been reported in Adams County.

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@the real JohnQPublic

If you want to blindly follow your idiot party's dogma, you're welcome to. There aren't any laws against stupidity.

OR, you can decide, based on what's best for you, your family, your community, what the right decision is.

If that's too much for you to bear as an adult to think and decide rationally, then just go back to swallowing your party's screwed up way of thinking. Just like babies suckling a milk source. Don't care what's in it as along as someone else provided it and it's on time.


natives restless today...

@the real JohnQPublic

It would appear there is some evidence on the internet via articles that support the notion that hospitals received more money if they reported the death as Covid.

Perhaps they did get 'caught' by this.


Well, this is the place to discuss what we feel. Every discussion leads somewhere. Except circular dancing. A good adage is "poop on the wall by who flung dung"...I examine my dung and say that is iffy...

Desert Dweller

It would be nice if they gave the negative results too.

@the real JohnQPublic

Accuracy is important. But don't expect any from a Inslee supporter.


So they shouldn't revise their numbers down in the name of accuracy? I guess that's what Trump would do. He'd change the numbers to what he wanted them to be, using a Sharpie.


@cheb.. Do you EVER not defend what the Government does?? They first "cooked" the books by listing most deaths on the Coronavirus whether it was the contributing cause or not, now they got caught doing that (basically hand in the cookie jar) and now they are saying with innocent smiles oh we didn't mean it like that and we will adjust the numbers..

Really??? MOST places you get caught cooking the books you are faced with fines and/or thrown into jail (Like the Metal lab worker who was forging metal tests for her Employer's US Navy contract because she thought the metal didn't need to pass such stress tests and was "good enough").. Work for the Government and it's like oh they are ok and didn't truly mean to purposefully falsify the results..



They didn't "get caught." They used their own system of checks and balances to ensure that the count was accurate. This was all explained, every step of the way. Why do I defend Government decisions? I don't. Pretty much anything done by Trump, I go against. I do defend decisions that match my predominantly liberal politics, and generally that's what gets attacked on Ifiber.


@cheb[rolleyes][rolleyes][rolleyes] WTFE


@OPC: Here's your refrigerator note: "Make crazy point. Lose argument. Start trolling. Repeat."


@cheb.. That's cute.. How about this one for you..

" Win or Lose -- Keep arguing "

Or this one...

" This is why I became a Teacher -- So I can tell everyone else they are wrong and it makes me feel good someone actually listens to me"


@cheb.. And actually you do defend everything IDIOT INSLEE does.. It's like you are sleeping with the guy or something.. He's DESTROYED this states economy and you just shrug your shoulders and say "that's ok -- It's worth it"..

In the end you are a Loyalist through and through.. Anti-Trump EVERYTHING.. And you hide behind this "liberal politics" nonsense like it's a shield of stupidity.. I have NO DOUBT you are so full of yourself that you believe everything you type and a lot of that is just because you far brainwashed and are just leeching that Government money for all it's worth you are incapable of seeing how real business works and the challenges real people face each day..

It is EXACTLY Government employees attitudes, like yours, that make me advocate SO HARD to shut down Community Colleges and School Districts and focus on Online education.. If I program a computer to teach math -- By god I can program a computer to watch me give a presentation and provide feedback and grading.. It's NOT that TOUGH in today's world to use AI and computers to teach ANYTHING..

Well maybe not pottery.. you might have me there because that is such a popular and useful class to have those skills .. especially if you are from Zimbabwe where you actually need a frigging clay pot..


@OPC:. Because Inslee is a liberal like me. And he gets attacked because most people here are conservative. Get it? And you are apparently a libertarian, whose job is to disagree with everyone.

@the real JohnQPublic

My fridge note has, "Don't tolerate lies."


@OPC: I just re-read your diatribe. One of your insults tossed at me with a hearty "yeet!" was "You believe everything you type." Like there's something wrong with that. Like it's normal, or even laudable, to type things you don't believe--which seems to be all you ever do. You're a troll. I'm done feeding you.

@the real JohnQPublic

No you're not!

@the real JohnQPublic

Better yet, draw new numbers using faeces smeared on the wall.

PS. don't huff sharpies either. You can't spare the gray matter.

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