SEATTLE (AP) - The Washington state attorney general's office has fired a senior criminal investigator after a server at a Tacoma restaurant said the investigator allegedly made a scene and stiffed her on her tip for wearing a Black Lives Matter button.

The office concluded an investigation Wednesday that said Cloyd Steiger, a former Seattle Police homicide detective who worked for the office's Homicide Investigation Tracking System, showed extremely poor judgment and "irreparably compromised" his credibility, The Seattle Times reported.

Deputy Attorney General Todd Bowers said in his termination letter that Steiger failed to meet the integrity standards of the office and had undermined the trust of the public and his fellow workers.

Steiger's attorney Steve Fogg, who was a King County homicide prosecutor, called his termination a "mistake" and "illegal."

"The AG is firing Cloyd not because he didn't do his job (he did it well) and not because he didn't tip a waitress and raised his voice," Fogg wrote in an email. "The AG fired Cloyd for expressing political opinions as a private citizen with which some members of the AG's Office disagreed."

He further argued firing Steiger would violate his First Amendment rights.

Steiger, 61, was placed on administrative leave on Sept. 8 following criticism on social media over a visit he made with his wife to the Fish Peddler Restaurant in Tacoma.

Server Reese Vincent said she led the couple to their table, they ordered cocktails and appetizers, and then checked out after a single round of drinks. She said Steiger appeared to be "standoffish."

Vincent, who has since turned 20, said Steiger pulled out his wallet to get his credit card to pay when she noticed his wallet bore the Thin Blue Line flag adopted as a symbol of solidarity with law enforcement. She said she then respectfully cashed them out.

An investigation revealed that Steiger approached another young employee he thought was a manager and angrily confronted him about the Black Lives Matter buttons before swearing and flipping the employee off.

Investigators say Steiger had written on the $46.74 receipt, "BLM Button = No Tip" and "That's How Socialism Works," and initially posted a picture of the receipt on his Facebook page before deleting it.

Steiger has since apologized for his actions.

Vincent did not immediately respond to requests for comment Thursday.

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@the real justbecool

Fun Fact!

More Americans have filed for unemployment this year . . . than the number of voters for Trump in 2016.

Stfu deplorables

Mike Leech needs to purge some malcontents. So does the state of Washington. Deplorables either need to STFU or head east to a deplorable friendly state. Your days are numbered here. You are not welcome. Time to go.


shut your mouth...racism


Turns out the Michigan kidnappers are BLM Terrorists....


Stfu deplorables

Nice try deplorable P.O.S.


Reasoning: Extreme Right, Propaganda, Conspiracy, Lack of Transparency, Poor Sourcing, Failed Fact Check


Yep. Still a haven for conservative brain dead trolls. I'll check back next month. It's been fun.


See ya, Potus-tu. You have passion on your side, but no facts. Ta-Ta.

Suckers and Losers for Trump

If all lives matter, then why does the mega-corporate oligarchy that maggots support demand that we sacrifice lives in a pandemic?

The christo-fascists, racists and "libertarian" maggots keep thinking the oligarchy will help make THEIR lives matter more than other Americans. And when it hasn't, for decades, the propaganda machine tells them to blame the "liberrrrullllls.'

Who are just trying to reign in the oligarchy, and support this thing called "liberty and justice for all."

Maggots are suckers and losers, and if you doubt me, go watch some advertising on the tube. Who is the corporate oligarchy marketing to? If you pay attention, they're peddling Global Multi-cultural Capitalism. Oh, and luxury trucks. Why the heck to do you support these people? Because they think your life matters?


I'm so sick of the black lives matter crap every life matters whether you are black, white, green, yellow, purple, tan, blue, or red! ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!

Stfu deplorables



All lives don't matter until Black lives matter.


Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.


Why is that dumb? It's pretty clear to most of us that there are still cases where Black folks are killed simply for being Black. I don't think you can say the same for White folks. So yeah---if Black lives don't matter to many Americans then no--all lives DON'T matter. "All" includes Black.


It’s not clear to me that black people are being targeted and hunted solely for being black. I see people who are black shooting at police officers, or violently resisting arrests. What do you expect police officers to do? White people have been shot twice as much as black people by police, but that’s inconvenient for your side. Check the statistics. The fact that you and people of your ilk try to peddle that “being killed just for being black” garbage is a cancer to this nation. Keep the black man down by continuing to portray them as victims, page 1-200 of the Democratic playbook.


Give me one instance where a black person was killed solely for being black. One. Just a guy minding his own business and police roll up on them and shoot them for their skin color. Give me one instance of that.


And what is the ratio of whites to blacks in the US? Or is that number per capita.


Ahmaud Arbery. Now shut the fuck up.


Whoa, testy. Am I starting to rattle you because I’m making sense. Arbury was on camera stealing from a job site. When confronted tried to grab a shotgun out of a citizen performing a cite sins arrest, which is legal in the state of Georgia. I knew you’d have trouble finding one instance. I can sure name plenty where white officers were specifically targeted, though.


The townspeople will all be lining up with their pitchforks if someone said that very thing but with White Lives instead of Black.


Depends on where they say it, doesn't it? In modern Johannesburg? Sure, it would make sense. In any place where people are oppressed just for being White, it would make sense. Are you oppressed for being White in the US?


Boy, you must really hate your country. Larry Elder wrote in 2014 that if Black America were a country, it’d be the 15 wealthiest country in the world. That doesn’t sound like oppression to me.


No, I love my country, but thanks for asking. And the fact that the aggregate wealth of a racial group is high says nothing about whether they are oppressed.


Well, then explain to me how a racial group that can vote, run their own businesses, go to institutions of higher learning, become wealthy within a system, enjoy benefits bestowed upon all citizens of a nation, be oppressed?


Blacks are killed by other blacks at a 9:1 ratio. Why aren't these murders protested? Do Black Lives Matter?


More black babies are aborted every year than born in the USA. Do Black Lives Matter?


Why do I get the feeling if he had thrown a fit over MAGA buttons he would be getting a raise along with some social justice BS award. Guy may have been an ass, but if he was an ass to the right people they would have been fine with it.


No. Absolutely not. Show me a case where this happened.


Right-wing cancel culture can get you canceled. Don't like the buttons? Don't eat there. No reason to yell at the employees!


Wow, you are one word away from us being in total agreement. Right-wing


< Left-Wing


Wow, you are sixteen words away from making sense.


Of course that went over your head.

@the real JohnQPublic

Why is a 61 year old on facebook?

@the real JohnQPublic

They should fire anyone in the WA AG office that made a schedule 1 drug legal against federal law.


Another fascist rooted out. Interesting that he carries a card bearing law enforcement's "secret symbol" they share in solidarity with white supremacist goons, like the ones who created the problems in Portland.


Lol! You are not only quite delusional, you could not be more wrong. You have mental issues if you believe what you just posted.


Indeed. Trumpus stomps his feet and sucks his thumb in all 6 of his accounts he posts on here.

Leftist Simps

Where is the ACLU's lawsuit for this? What a joke!

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