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OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Drivers in Washington state now have a choice of being designated as M, F or X on their licenses.

KOMO-TV reported Thursday that drivers can choose from three gender options when obtaining licenses and identification following a change by the state Department of Licensing.

Officials say residents can have the X designation on driver’s licenses, instruction permits or identification cards as a gender-neutral alternative to M for male or F for female.

Department of Licensing Director Teresa Berntsen says all residents deserve to have their “lived experience of gender and identity” reflected on their licenses.

Berntsen says the change will also help reduce barriers to housing, transportation, education, and employment.

The state Department of Health began allowing birth certificates with an X gender designation two years ago.

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Does gender x get a cheaper insurance rate than male or female?


What a bunch of dummies. Freaky parents are telling their kids younger than 5 it's OK to be whatever sex they want. The kid barely knows they even alive at that age. He, or she, has no concept of what sex they are. Parents are pushing the agenda. Maybe if they aren't male and they aren't female, I'll call them a carrot. Or maybe a Fruit-Loop.


Here's the thing though. if physical sex matching gender is such a big deal, why would it matter what the parents do? My parents could have raised me eating nothing but quiche and wearing nothing but a leotard, and I would still be straight as an arrow. Aren't you showing a fear that the demarcations between gender are as clear as we might think?

Desert Dweller

I bet my high school biology teacher is rolling over in his grave!


Because he didn't teach you the difference between gender and physical sex?

Desert Dweller

They are talking gender on the license



Yes. Because it's GENDER. No idea why it says sex on the sample license, but the article refers exclusively to gender.

Desert Dweller

Probably because it says "sex" on your license too.


OK...let me spell it out more clearly. I don't know why the sample license species sex instead of gender, since the focus of.this change is to accommodate those who have non-binary gender identities. Their sexual organs don't change from day to day.


This is what the government is working on? As in, this is what's important? What are the cops supposed to do when they use your ID to identify you.


Why should the police care what's in your pants when they're checking your identity? when I've been pulled over, the police officer has never checked to see that what's in my pants marks the letter on my license.

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