Chinook salmon fishing

OLYMPIA - The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has temporarily closed recreational fishing and shellfishing statewide in the wake of Gov. Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order.

The closure is expected to last until at least April 8. WDFW will re-evaluate on April 6 whether the closure needs to be extended.

“This is not a decision we take lightly, but it’s the right thing to do for the health and well-being of Washington families,” stated WDFW Director Kelly Susewind. “Monday’s extraordinary order for the residents of our state to stay home requires all of us to work together to ensure these measures have the intended effect.”

Fishery managers have reported anglers crowding fishing spots as COVID-19 concerns have continued.

“We’ve seen an uptick in outdoor recreation at some locations in recent weeks as people have looked for ways to get outside,” WDFW Fish Program Director Kelly Cunningham stated. “We’ve had reports of crowded boat ramps and busy fishing on some rivers, which runs counter to the governor’s direction to stay home and practice social distancing.”

WDFW Enforcement officers remain on duty and will be enforcing the closures.

All state-managed parks, wildlife areas and water access areas are also closed, along with camping and other overnight accommodations on state recreation lands.

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Desert Dweller

I already bought my 2020 license, don't suppose they will prorate the fee when they finally open it up.

I understand being careful and watching your hygiene, but standing on the bank fishing surely we can all figure out how to space out some.

I don't think Inslee has ever gone fishing.


There are some really good comments posted to this story, and I tend to agree with all of them. What if I live on a lake and want to fish from my own backyard. This order by the WDFW is truly asinine. On a side note, let's talk about getting food at one of the drive-up burger places. I noticed when I stopped by one of those places (who shall remain nameless, let's just call them McD), I notice that the young lady taking my money at the drive thru was not wearing any gloves or any other type of "protection". I'm pretty sure that my credit card she handed back to me now had the germs of every other customer she helped before me. I was about ready to tell her to keep it. These drive thru places need to do a better job of "no contact".


Where I go hiking in the Columbia Basin, I can easily keep 60 feet( not 6 feet) or more between myself and the next person. There is no public restroom. The areas are designed for day use only. SO WHY ARE THEY CLOSED?


Wow. Evidently, if iFiber doesn't like some of the comments that a story produces, they just delete the whole thing and repost the story without the comments. Amazing.


They need to close the restaurants too! Prepard food/fast food is not (by any means) necessay. Sacrificing a delivery driver to the virus so you dont have to make dinner is ridicules. The virus is alive on surfaces for 17 days the people preparing and delivering ARE spreading the virus to your door. To think we can't fish alone but we can have prepared food delivered, for convenience, is showing how ill prepare they are to handle this situation.


So I can go to work, go get pot to smoke, and go to the grocery store (all with other people around), but I can't go to a lake by myself and get food. Inslee and this whole stay home order are a joke.

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