EAST WENATCHEE — East Wenatchee police shut down access to the Wenatchee Valley Mall on Wednesday night after a motorist drove through the entry, and traveled almost the length of the building before exiting through the same doors.

A video posted to social media showed a white four-door wagon with Washington plates as it left the mall building close to 6 p.m., after the driver steered it in through the main entrance, drove left past a dozen shopfronts to  the interior entrance of Sportsmans Warehouse, then turned and drove back to the main entrance and left. 

A second video showed the same car passing slowly by shopfronts, while customers and employees sheltered in their stores and made recordings with their phones. The vehicle traveled at low speed and witnesses said no one was struck or injured.

To enter and exit, the car passed through a common area between several food shops where mallgoers often sit to eat.

"It sounded like a bomb as soon as he hit," one mall employee wrote on Twitter. "I’m very thankful that people got out of the way and that there was no kids sitting at the tables that they sit at every day."

Informational map of the Wenatchee Valley Mall in East Wenatchee.

Informational map of the Wenatchee Valley Mall in East Wenatchee. The driver passed crashed through the doors at the main entrance (between shops labeled C5 and D1A), traveled at slow speed toward Ross, then turned left and traveled to the interior entrance of Sporstmans Warehouse before turning around and exiting on the same path.

Witnesses indicated the driver was stopped by police nearby shortly after exiting the mall. Chelan County jail records show a Francisco Samuel Kehoe, 31, was booked at 8:50 p.m. on suspicion of charges that appeared related to the incident, including DUI, methamphetamine possession, hit and run and reckless endangerment.

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Let’s get some safe guards up! Looks like an easy access point for a attack on our citizens. Do we learn, or do we wait for a more unfortunate outcome?

The Rural Realist

In the recent past we have seen an increasing number of intentional assalts with automobiles leaving large numbers of people injured or dead. They have become so common place in our society they have a formal name "vehicle-ramming attacts" and Wikipedia actually has page describing them. While the individual perpetuating this crime did not appear to have injured anyone, no one knew his intent at the time. Perhaps he is lucky to have survived the incident. Washington's laws on self defense clearly state lethal force may be used when an individual reasonably believes they are in immediate danger of death or great personal injury. So did those people in the mall experience that level of threat? Would one of them been justified in using lethal force? What are your thoughts?


Google Maps playin 'em!

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