SOAP LAKE (VIDEO) – About two acres burned during a brush fire Thursday afternoon at an old landfill in Soap Lake.

Grant County Fire District 7 responded at about 2:15 p.m. to the brush fire near Fourth Avenue Northeast and state Route 17. Despite difficult terrain, firefighters were able to keep the fire to a couple acres in size, according to fire district 7 Chief Kirk Sheppard.

The fire burned sage brush, garbage cans, carpeting and other debris left in the former landfill.

No structures were threatened and nobody was injured.

Grant County Fire District 13 and the Ephrata Fire Department assisted during the blaze.

Witnesses reportedly told firefighters and Soap Lake police someone was seen walking away from the area after the fire was reported, Sheppard said.

Soap Lake police are investigating the cause of the fire.

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Property predators! someone just itching to pave the way for their new developments and higher taxes. In these times of depression you had better be watching the banksters, realtors, property predators, property managers and anyone else that's broke and looking to make a buck. Their desperate enough make money off fires .


Only realtors who have dumped their garbage in that area for years, including the asphalt buried on the lot for sale at a ridiculous asking price by Les Parr and Frederich Slough, would call it an "old land fill". It's not legal to dump anything in that area of Soap Lake. It's because of this garbage dumping mentality that land prices in Soap Lake have plumetted to less than $2.00 per foot. Vote Yes on Prop 1!

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