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OLYMPIA - If you're not pleased with the tax increases passed by the legislature this year, you can do something about it.

Tim Eyman, known for creating $30 car tab initiatives, created the initiative in response to the tax increases passed by the legislature this year.

Initiative 1648 would require tax increases that are passed by the state legislature expire after one year, unless voters approve the increases as referred ballot measures. Eyman submitted the initiative on January 7 to the Secretary of State.

On May 13, Eyman announced signatures would be collected for Initiative 1648. To appear on the ballot this November, Initiative 1648 needs 320,000 valid signatures. The deadline to submit signatures is July 5, 2019.

In an interview with Dori Monson of KIRO Radio, Tim Eyman said Initiative 1648 would "put a term limit on all the new taxes (the Democratic legislature) imposed. It would allow everybody in the state of Washington to vote on November on whether or not we want to veto or stop all the tax increases they passed [in the 2019 legislative session]. There were 11 different tax increases and all of them were passed without a vote of the people. This initiative says whenever they raise taxes without a vote of the people, we're going to put it on a strict time limit."

"This initiative is a winner. Let’s give the voters the chance to repudiate all of the Democrats’ tax hikes and tell ’em to go back to the drawing board in 2020," Tim Eyman stated.

For more information regarding Initiative 1648, click here

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