Soap Lake standoff

SOAP LAKE – Two men have been charged in connection to a Jan. 12 drive-by shooting near Soap Lake.

Prosecutors charged Cristian M. Bustos, a 21-year-old Soap Lake man, and Julian A. Latimer, a 26-year-old Seattle man, with two counts of assault in the first degree and drive-by shooting.

Bustos was arrested Friday in the 200 block of Ephrata Avenue Northwest in Lakeview. Latimer is not in custody. An arrest warrant was issued Friday.

The two defendants were reportedly in Latimer’s vehicle and began chasing the victim’s SUV on Road 19 Northwest, where shots were fired, according to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office report.

The victims claim more shots were fired near Adrian Avenue Northwest before Bustos and Latimer fled. Their vehicle was located at a home in the 20400 block of Linden Avenue Northwest. Deputies claim a window in Latimer’s vehicle also appeared to have been “shot out.”

Latimer was taken into custody without incident and later released due to, at the time, conflicting stories from the victims.

Bustos had reportedly been picked up from the Linden Avenue home and taken to a home in Ephrata before deputies arrived.

Latimer reportedly told investigators he had been chased and shot at, according to the report.

A spent .40-caliber shell casing was reportedly recovered inside Latimer’s vehicle and bullet fragments were found in one of the front tires on the victims’ vehicle.

Sheriff’s office surveillance cameras in Lakeview reportedly shows the two vehicles stopped near the intersection of state Route 28 and Road 19, where one victim gets out of the SUV and begins gesturing toward the suspects.

The video reportedly shows Bustos put his hands out the window, appearing to be holding a black object in his hand. The victim’s claim this is when the first shots were fired.

Deputies claim another video shows Bustos leaning out the passenger side window on Adrian Avenue Northwest, again aiming an object at the victim’s vehicle.

Bustos and Latimer allegedly have an extensive history with the victims, who claimed Bustos has shot at last least two residences in the past.

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