At the City Council’s recent meeting on August 25th, a number of citizens expressed strong opposition to the Love’s Truck Stop project moving forward. The Mayor and Council want to acknowledge that the concerns of the citizens were heard; however, they, on behalf of the City leadership, want to make the community aware of the project’s current status. 

Background: Loves has optioned 14.9 acres of commercially zoned property off I-90’s exit 174 on Pritchard Road for purposes of constructing a truck stop, convenience store, and fueling station. These uses are allowed outright in the General Commercial zone. Prior to the Love’s land use application, they completed a wetland analysis, traffic scoping analysis, and JARPA application/Wetland mitigation report. Love’s submitted its land use application on September 17, 2019. The City issued a Notice of Application and Optional Determination of Non Significance on October 8, 2019, and public notice of the proposed land use application was posted on the property on October 28, 2019. This posting and notification indicated what the proposed land use was and provided direction for how to comment on the proposal. Pursuant to the land use application process, comment was permitted and accepted up through the issuance of the Mitigated Determination of Non Significance (MDNS) on December 10, 2019. The MDNS established additional development conditions and requirements applicable to Loves’ application and proposed project. The City received minimal public comment in response to the public notices. 

Eight months later, Love’s held an online public meeting on August 13, 2020, which may have created some confusion over the status of its land use application. The purpose of the meeting was to review the traffic improvements that Loves will be providing as a result of obtaining the required permits from the Washington State Department of Transportation (also required by the MDNS). 

Status: Love’s land use application was processed and approved in accordance with the City’s municipal code and State Environmental Policy Act. Public notice was provided and the time for commenting on the proposed MDNS expired in 2019. In 2020, Love’s did apply for a variance to allow a 100 foot tall sign; however, this variance was denied by the Moses Lake Hearings Examiner in March of this year. 


Moses Lake City Manager Allison Williams

Future steps: As a result of the public comment received at the City Council meeting on August 25, 2020, City staff did reach out to Love’s to discuss further enhancements to the area which Love’s can opt to participate in. The City does recognize the larger growth pressure in western Moses Lake and intends to carry out a traffic study to look at overall improvements needed to handle the increasing traffic from numerous projects occurring in western Moses Lake. Accomplishing these additional improvements will be costly and will require a partnership of the city, Washington State Department of Transportation, and property owners in the area. 

City’s Comprehensive Planning efforts: The city is currently in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan and associated Zoning Maps/Development regulations, which provides the perfect opportunity for the public to be engaged in the future of Moses Lake. This comprehensive planning process addresses the different types of land uses allowed in the City, concurrency of infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, police, fire, etc.), and development regulations and standards. The City encourages everyone to participate in this public input process now so that the future development of 

The City more closely reflects the voices of its residents and property owners. You can make a difference! You can access the webpage for the Comprehensive Plan/Housing Action Plan at http://together.cityofml.com

Thank you for your input into our public processes. Our goal is to be a responsive city government. 

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They denied loves a variance to erect one of those eyesore mile-high signs? Good on them, nice to see a local government actually maintain at least some standards.

Hopefully this loves can run the Indian gas station that was crammed into a neighborhood out of business, and they can tear down that God ugly sign.

@the real JohnQPublic

Well stated, Allison

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