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So the report of 4 or 5 Grant County jail guards who go into The "Rona" Covid quarantine. The report gives Kudos and a congratulatory write up about how efficient and safe the facilities are and how the inmates are tested and temperatures are taken and the jail is immaculately sanitized.

Pretty much a big bag of hot COVID gas the truth is this.

Yes, five people were infected and sent home from work to quarantine.

Currently, inmates are being served the standard sub par jail food, but the slop is now served by pissed off guards that normally do not serve the food to the inmates. A normal Grant County jail breakfast lunch or diner is always served by the cooking staff... hmmm that's right...the COVID invaded the kitchen where food is prepared and dishes pots pans trays and of course don't forget the sporks. Which is now potentially contaminated and have been presented to the inmate population.

The guards are pissed off because they found out by the news broadcast and were not notified prior to start of shift. My girlfriend who is currently in the Grant County jail for a 7yr old DUI/probation offense. A full year handed down to a woman with cancer and will probably die alone in the facilities of Grant County over a traffic stop and now this COVID virus on top of it.

Two weeks ago she wasn't feeling right and was showing signs of the CVOID and requested several times to be checked out and all requests were denied so I called down to the jail and spoke with the Sergeant on duty and was told how they were aware of her request and that she'd get medical treatment and that I shouldn't worry about it. Granted it's a jail, but to deny a citizen of the USA born n' bred here simple basic medical treatment. 

If there is an attorney out there that handles human rights and ill treatment went and abuse of human beings please respond to this post and I'll be in touch with you.

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[batman]Michael Flohr I know a good civil rights lawyer in Seattle but they want a $50,000.00 retainer to sue any county or city in the State for anything. McKay Hospital might be a good place for innocent people waiting for court trials and hearings. I hear they have 15 vacancies. Did you know if they coated every counter in every jail and every hospital with copper it would kill every virus within 4 hours? I bet even our local health district doesn't have that power to order that be done.


I’m sorry your girl has not felt well. Looks like she’s paying the time for the lives that she endangered in her poor choices to drink and drive multiple times. No one goes without medical care and definitely not in these Covid times. But I guaranteed if she’s showed symptoms she was tested. 2 cooks and one inmate worker tested positive and all inmate workers were isolated pending retesting. There has been a massive outbreak in the jail that says something about the level of protection that is place.

No human rights lawyer would touch your case as there is no case your girlfriend is getting the care that she needs while serving time for the crimes that she committed.


Really..a 7 year old DUI. Wheatcakes, Judge lest not you be Judged yourself!


Covid Kills but I don't think it serves the public justice if just one person is put in harms way. What's your solution?

Angry old man

sorry for your gf situation..but ive heard stories on conditions thier..cake for breakfast..leftover soup/butter sandwich for lunch..and dinner thats questionable..and a few bad apples in the health dept..im not sure what her name is xcept she's know as the cow..and she yells when she talks..the CO'S some good and some not so good as in any organization..and people will retort if you dont like it dont come to jail..smh..their are people waiting to go to prison..people serving thier time and others waiting for thier day in court..innocent till proven guilty..yet all treated the same..


Well, I have spent time in this lovely Jail. The Inmates treated me with respect. The filthy Jail, was lovely. I see your handle is Angry old Man, well chosen. The Jailors were abusive. They were hacking up a storm. Every violation of Human rights is created there. The Court system, becomes a revolving door. The fees make sure these folk never make "It". The fees are then sent to a credit agency downtown Moses Lake, which is owned by our State Senator.This Jail system creates yelling, especially for Women with abuse in their background. Good article bringing light to a Dinosaur Court System. Cheers!

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