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We are experiencing a collective event. Therefore, the effects will be collective as well. The question to be aware of, is how we process this experience. If we unite in the process we reduce the individual negative effects that are sure to follow. Only through that unity do we once again become free. We cannot be aware of the effects individually, we can only practice self awareness to practice being present in the moment, practice understanding our own emotional state so we can recognize it in others, and unifying the information we trust to bring us the shared responsibility to collectively agree how to process this as a whole.

We can only process what has happened by paying attention to how it is affecting us today. Be present when you feel overwhelmed, be present when you are scared, be present when things upset you. Only being present gives you the pause that allows your mind to choose the proper reaction. Stress, anger, fear, and emotions react before we put thought into our response. Once the reaction occurs it colors our thoughts in that direction, shifting our perspective to the belief we project in our mind. It begins a cycle that strengthens over time, lessening the likelihood for us to see another response. This is what creates anxiety that turns into fear, then anger, and soon you are stuck in your own position, believing the only way to respond is to march and protest, forgetting about the lives you may put in jeopardy, forgetting that others are feeling too, but maybe they have a different perspective. Maybe they are stuck in fear, hiding out at home, not connecting with others, isolating them further so when the pandemic is gone, they have created the habit of fearing social interaction, fearing what the future holds, and fearing every illness they once had little thought to. Being present in the moment keeps us aware of the emotions that arise, allowing them to be processed now so they can pass, instead of suppressing them to magnify in the future.

Our emotions become magnified over time unless we process them today. Giving them validation as they come we can recognize them, process them, and thereby, better control them. When we harbor those negative emotions that put weight on our shoulders, fear in our mind, and bring intense times that begin to grow in our thoughts. It lowers our ability to think presently, to react properly, and it lowers our immune systems ability to fight off this biological virus that threatens us. It blocks us from seeing the true threat, a virus, and instead we see the threat to our freedom, the threat to our way of life, and misplaces the target to that threat to our government officials that seek to protect us.

Trust is how we choose what to believe. When information is coming at us from massive directions, it creates confusion, it brings chaos, and divides what we see with certainty. Certainty brings us a feeling of security. Certainty makes us feel safe. When the information we use is unified, we have more organized thoughts to bring us certainty to our safety. It allows us to believe that we can process our emotions, because a certain outcome is expected, and we trust once again. Staying grounded in today, processing the events today, allows the emotions to pass instead of building up their strength to be released in the future. Our mind must feel safe to process what occurs, sometimes PTSD takes years to process because the mind must first believe it is safe to do so. Keep your mind in the process, feel things today, and build your immunity from what threatens our future.

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