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The First Amendment is broad covering areas of speech, press, expression, and religion. Though the underlying right is based on ideas, individual choice, and personal autonomy, without which, people would never progress. Sharing ideas from each past is how we improve our future. It is how we escape our own downfalls and evolve with new relationships formed with others that promote our growth. “Espressio unius” is the expression of one thing that suggests the exclusion of another. Old ways of thinking become excluded with the expression of new ideas, it does not mean excluding others so they change their thinking. A community is a socially supportive network promoting individuals health and well-being through social relationships that influence higher quality relationships to significantly influence intentional behavior through useful comments to influence awareness, expectations, perceptions, attitudes, behavioral intentions, and behavior towards others.

“Sic utere tuo non alienum laedas” is the expression of a moral obligation that grows out of the mere fact of membership in civil society, a measure of civil obligation, enforceable at law among those whose interests are conflicting. Due care is a duty imposed on each one of us to protect society from unnecessary danger, not to protect A, B, or C alone. A duty and right are correlative, when a right is invaded a duty is violated. The illusion of solidity and continuity and endless social reproduction is not an empirical fact, it is rather one of the props that those in power use to maintain dominance. Any approach that seeks to ignore change, either conceptually or practically is deficient.

Any movement for social change is contingent upon people achieving a shared identity with shared values and the development of belief systems about the social world which makes change both justifiable and viable. The ability to bring compliance through one’s capacities to provide positive or negative outcomes (coercion) is argued to be the weakest form of power. It reveals a lack of genuine ability and serves to reinforce a sense of us and them, weakening opportunities for real power to emerge in the future. A leaders actions must benefit the whole. True leaders turn aspirations into realities and demonstrate their visions to be viable. Identity is not just about belief, it is a vision of a better world that is organized, and identity that cannot be realized as the whole is useless. The necessary and proper clause of the Tenth Amendment is the enumeration of powers deemed to be a denial of all other powers which are left to the states, or the people. Under the Ninth Amendment, the enumeration of rights is deemed not to be a denial of other rights, which are left intact. The laws of thought must apply without exception to any subject matter of thought.

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