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(An open letter to Senator Judy Warnick, Representative Tom Dent, and Representative Alex Ybarra.) 

As of Sunday, January 10, 2021, I have not seen any comments from you, the elected officials from the 13th Legislative District, namely Senator Warnick, Rep. Dent, and Rep. Ybarra, concerning the attempted coup at the United States Capitol. If you have commented, I hope you were clear in denouncing this traitorous attack.  

You should denounce this event in the strongest terms. There should be no carefully parsed words that could be construed to give any level of support, or rationalization to those who, for the love of Trump more than for love of the United States of America, sought to overthrow the legal election of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.  

You should come out and declare that this election was NOT stolen. Remember, your Republican U.S. Representative, Dan Newhouse, voted to certify the election. 

I hope that you as our elected officials have not been corrupted by irrational conspiracy theories or brain washing by the constant repetition of lies that were spouted by Trump with the sole purpose of retaining power. 

I hope that you, Sen Warnick, Representative Dent and Representative Ybarra, will show strength at this time when we need you to speak out against home grown terrorists. I hope that you will not use weak words like, it’s sad or unfortunate. You owe it to your constituents to not sit quietly by hoping you won’t have to take a stand that might lose you a few votes. So tell us, are you on the side of the Constitution or the side of insurrection, tyranny and mob rule? 

Additionally, please call for the resignation or impeachment of Donald J. Trump. 

Your Constituent,

Sylvia Hammond

Ephrata, WA 

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Wash girl


Tom Dent ‼️

What say you❓

All of you are welcome to say something against the inciting by Trump. And the division created between the two parties that he feeds.

There have been a selection of good reads on this article. I thank you all for getting online with your expressions. So DENT‼️

I did not vote for you. I know what you truly are. But you were somehow elected. So earn your post‼️


Sylvia, thank you for this but I couldn’t care less whether out state officials speak out on the attempted coup. I saw what I saw, I heard what I heard. This wasn’t some knitting club getting together to discuss projects. These were men and women armed and ready incited by insecure Trump and others that they needed to use force to stop the count. And that’s what they did. I’m not sure people have fully grasped that those people were intent on taking hostages and/or were looking to kill. Zip ties and weapons? Yeah they weren’t looking for having a friendly chat.

There is no room for unity beyond this point. Unity is not a factor in a murder investigation. Those people figuratively and literally defecated and urinated on our democracy. There’s no coming back from that.

These domestic terrorists are so certain the election was stolen from their almighty leader that they were willing to kill. For the last 4 years Trump has tested the Democratic norms of our government for his personal gain. Luckily, we have held against his repeated attempts to erode the norms and standards of his role. I don’t think people fully grasp how weak we appear to other countries right now. How easy it would be for an adversary to seek to overthrow our government while we are all busy fighting amongst ourselves. We look ridiculous and debilitated.

I’m not ready to pretend an acknowledgement from the GOP will make this better. They need to be held accountable for inciting a violent coup in OUR capitol buildings. Save the apologies. We deserve accountability.

Oh Really

Oh. By the way. I do realize it is a 100 percent waste of time engaging hardcore Trump supporters who will, no matter what, continue to believe the election was stolen. My comments are/were posted just to vent. My heart is broken that this is the country we live in. When people say, "this isn't who we are", they just don't want to believe it, but it is who we are. And more than likely who we will continue to be. It is very depressing.

Oh Really

You Trump supporters who can still defend him after last Wednesday are the current version of supporters of Jim Jones. You will continue to believe as long as he supplies the kool aid. It is frightening to know that so many of you filled with rage live among us posing as normal human beings. Have you watched the footage of events of Wednesday? And you can justify it way? I know. What about blah blah blah fill in the blank. How far can you take it? For every ugly or wrong act commited is it ok for you too to commit an ugly act? Is is ok with you that Trump was embarrassed by the people on Wed. not because of their actions but because of how they looked? Their appearances? They were not people he would even consider associating with? This is your guy. He used you. If you think he has had your best interests in mind, he did not. Not all people who voted for him are bad people. Most are not, they just bought in. But the ones who trashed the Capital and searched for leaders to harm and actually killed a fellow Trump supporting policeman who was doing his job are criminals. Period.


Sylvia, Maybe you should read some of iFibers news posts from the past. ALL of these people you post your question to have come out against the violence that you talk about. What they, and millions of others, are upset about is the fact that none of the election violations were looked into. Each one that was brought before the court was dismissed without ANY investigation into the allegations, even though there were videos and signed statements attesting to the questionable acts. Even one of the people you mention has stated on the record that these inquiries won't change the outcome but that the allegations are heinous enough to warrant an investigation so future election can be even fairer. No where in any of Trumps speeches did he say break into the buildings and break things. Being a Trump supporter has not clouded my eyes. He makes the dumbest comments and his phone should be taken away in 2016. But I can see why he does what he does. The press won't tell the American people the WHOLE story. He was an outsider that beat a career politician. That could not be allowed. He wanted to drain the swamp and they did not like that. The common folk got behind him and if you weren't with Trump, in Wa.DC, then watch out. Hillary's e-mails, computer in her house, Benghazi killings, the meeting on the plain in California with Bill and the then Attorney General, Etc. No outrage or investigation there. No outcry from you when Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis etc. burning during the summer/fall. If you took what Trump has done in 4 years and replaced his name with Hillary's we would all be having an orgy in the streets. Lowest unemployment in history, most people working in history, highest Black and Hispanic wages in history, NATO paying more of their share instead of US footing the bill, Bring companies back to US to manufacture items ( like John Deere ), bringing home troops from Middle East ( like Obama stated he'd do on day 1 ), helping broker piece treaties in Middle East, lower Govt. regulations and intrusions into our lives. These are facts you can't dismiss.


Thank you, Sylvia for this request. Its unconscionable to me that no statements have been made denouncing the rioters who stormed our Capitol.

Mr Dent, Ms Warnock & Mr Ybarra, we're waiting....what say you?

Jill Springer Forrest



so, did one of these wonderful editorial of yours come out during the Seattle takeover, demanding resignations of city and state officials. Would love to know how deep your hypocrisy lies, Sylvia. Do you think impeachment will bring together both sides or spread them apart even further? Is that what you want? I suggest taking off the hate prescribed glasses you seem to be looking through and begin on figuring ways to bring the nation together...not a continually conflict for division..


I've read your over exaggerated opinion piece and find it hard to believe that you are serious. Do you really think that this little bout of terrorism that was made possible with inside help was really capable of overthrowing the US Government and taking control of the Governance of the US ? Now that would be a COUP ! I'm sick of the conspiracy theories from both sides we don't need a drama queen to further divide this country ! Seems to be a double standard in this country when you get you knickers in a twist about a violent demonstration that hampers your agenda but can praise those peacefully demonstrating in Portland, the Seattle Area and around the country all summer. These "peaceful" demonstrators were killing, destroying businesses, beating innocent people, rioting, looting, defecating, urinating and whatever while Democrat Leaders stood by condoning these actions and praising them as peaceful. What a hypocrite !

@the real JohnQPublic

One man's tyrant is another man's patriot.

You people that hate Trump believe everything is his fault. Thus, Trump made you speed in your car, caused you to make spelling errors, and made you overeat, too.

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