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MOSES LAKE - I would like to thank Moses Lake School Board members Bryce McPartland, Shannon Hintz, and Vickey Melcher and especially Dr. Meek for modifying the reopening plan for Moses Lake High School to align with the recommendations provided by the Grant County Health Officer.  I can appreciate the frustration with the situation the board is in regarding opening in-person learning, and you made the right decision for the school that poses the greatest risk for students, staff, and the community.  Arriving at this decision was a frustrating process for everyone involved, but the important part is getting the plan right in the end - not how we got there.  Thank you.

There is still the issue of middle and elementary schools, which the local medical community along with the county health officer have informed the board are not safe to open.  The plan to let parents make their own decisions about dangerous behavior during a pandemic is akin to allowing parents to decide whether to send their kids into a building that the fire marshal has declared unsafe.  Even if you let parents send their kids into a burning building, they wouldn’t be able to remain there long without being injured or killed.  It would be even more unethical to ask staff to also enter the burning building to work.  This virus, whether you believe it or not, is causing permanent injuries and deaths in our community right now.

The doctors that have advised you to begin the year with remote learning are the people who will be caring for any students, staff, or community members who become ill as a result of opening schools.  Going against the strong professional medical advice you have been given 3 separate times now would make each board member who supports the current plan directly responsible for any injuries or deaths that happen as a result.  You cannot claim that you weren’t warned.

It is certainly very late in the process now, but it’s not too late.  As I said earlier, the end result is what matters.  With the infection rate we currently have in Grant County, schools will not stay open very long if you continue to follow the current plan for elementary and middle schools.  Students who attend school in-person will be bounced back to remote learning.  You’re not giving parents a real choice here, because the plan cannot work.  What will happen, if you force the county health officer to close schools, is you will lose your ability to be flexible and accommodating to students and staff in the future - you will be ceding your authority. 

Bryce, Shannon, and Vickey, you made a very wise decision at the last meeting to follow the medical recommendations for the high school. The community owes you a debt of gratitude for that decision. Let’s continue the trend of strong leadership by adopting similar policies for all schools in the district.

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@the real JohnQPublic

Paluch wants desperately to be on the school board and run against Goodrich. I'm not sure how a flying fishing guide makes one qualified for school board. Kids are like a school of fish?


And Goodrich is more qualified than a fly-fishing guide? How? At least a fly-fishing guide can get along with people.

@the real JohnQPublic

Why do you want to argue? Because you have trump derangement syndrome or you just lack critical thinking skills?


Because you're attacking someones reputation based on his profession. Goodrich is a farmer. How does that quality him to be on the Board?

@the real JohnQPublic

Because he's running a business. At least he has to be fiscally responsible. Fly fishing guides can be difficult, too. You've obviously never had a bad one.


Sorry to have overwhelmed you @cryingtoddlelibs. I find myself often triggered when the holler team is on fox news. I do enjoy your canned responses. The formula seems to be a Wow, some dots, the it's "Lots to unpack". If you need help, just ask for it. I was honestly excited that you penned such a long reply. I was hoping that we could have some civil political discourse months ago. However, you are consistent if nothing else.

Here we go:

1. The only thing worse than quoting fox news is quoting people on facebook that are quoting fox news.

2. If you feel that way maybe you should research the policies that people that are not 'cryingtoddlelibs' have pushed. For example - Muslim travel ban. Fear of someone else's religion causes it to be illegal to enter the country. I am not a doctor of philosophy and I think that is exactly happens when someone "imposes their views on anyone to the point where it becomes criminal to offend someone".

3. I wholeheartedly agree that it is both absurd and dangerous to even condone things like that.

4. Of course it is an emotional response. This is politics not computer programming. It is exactly my feelings about the facts at hand that causes me to create a retaliatory account to post against what I see as the complete erosion of compassion and respect for other's beliefs.

5. As far as labels go I prefer libertarian. Personal responsibility if you would like it summed up in two words. I know this seems odd that I created a throw away account but I have had enough rocks through my car windows to know better. See, I am taking responsibility for my actions.

6. Thank you for trying to type Rousseau. I am not being sarcastic either, I do not remember having heard of this Swiss. I had to google it. It looks like his most famous works are along the lines of Machiavelli's 'The Prince'.

7. As to the "trumpis twist", sorry, I don't dance? Are you trying to say that I am being a socialist with a trumpist leaning?

8. The 'Maybe someday...' part was fun. A utopia would be the same thing as saying 'your best possible outcome' so that would be a society that I would think would be the best possible outcome. If that is the way it worked then how would I see that I was wrong?

9. Oh, Imma ring that bell. Imma ring all the bells. Can you hear them bells a-ringing? Or maybe this: "I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with ME!"

In closing, thank you for the Rousseau comment even if you meant it as an insult. I enjoy reading all types of thoughts about politics. Humans are fascinating and terrifying and I am one. And remember to vote in November!


Jean-Jaques Rousseau I believe is more your outlook or point of view. I believe I have more of an Edmund Burke point of view. Yes good luck in November and portland

cryingtoddlerlibs got that triggered from the word "woke". Lots to unpack so first I'll say, I'm not sure what fox news has to do with what I said or the people you mention. I dont think people should impose their views on anyone to the point where it becomes criminal to offend someone. It not only absurd it's dangerous to society. I think your emotional response is based on feelings not facts. It also has a hint of leftist/socialist/roussoue tint to it. Kind of a trumpis twist. Maybe some day when you get your utopian society you'll see how wrong you were. Chaz ring a bell


@toddler "...woke trash..." That sounds like a promo for Fox News Channel. Why is it that you hold on to their opinions like it's a religion? What is wrong with you that makes Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity sound like real people instead of realizing that it is as phony and scripted as professional wrestling? What makes you so angry, belligerent and outright hostile to other people's values? How can you not have empathy for another human being that has unjustly lost a loved one? What happened in your life that makes this kind of behavior seem reasonable?

I find it so very strange to hear ideas like "I support democracy" and "they shouldn't force their rules on me" combined. If you really support democracy then you would accept the choice of the people. Then, if you didn't like the rule, use the same system to try to enact change.

I wonder how many people are getting ready to burn things down on November 4th if the incumbent loses the election. No one will have been unjustly killed to spark this. The excuse will be something along the lines that it was done to "protect the democracy". Just come out and admit to wanting fascist rule and be done with the play acting like you care about anything other than your neighbors looking and thinking just like you. Maybe even make sure that they all go to the same church as you too. You know, drive that stake all the way into the heart of the land of freedom.

Or maybe this is a statement you have said that could apply to you: "America, love it or leave it!"


COVID19 isn't the greatest risk to kids. It's the social, PC, cancel culture, woke trash teachers spew.


Your right! please stop doing it...

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