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On Friday, June 26, 2020 Gov. Inslee imposed a mask order for the state of Washington to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. On Wednesday, June 11, I went to Walmart in Moses Lake and noticed that a large number of people were not wearing masks nor were they offered masks at the front door. I spoke with the manager of the Moses Lake store and asked him what Walmart’s policy was for enforcing wearing of masks. The store manager and the visiting regional manager for Walmart told me they don’t enforce people wearing a mask and if I had a problem with it I should contact the police department. I told him it wasn’t the police department’s responsibility to enforce mask wearing, it was Walmart’s responsibility to enforce the state law for the protection of their shoppers.

If you are not wearing a mask, then you cannot enter the store. 

Earlier in the day I went to Safeway and noticed that 98% of the people in Safeway were wearing a mask. When I shared this information with the regional manager and manager of Walmart their response was “we do $300,000 more a month in sales than Safeway”.

“It comes down to money then and not the safety of your shoppers is that correct” I asked.

The regional manager then stormed off and I continued to talk with the store manager who was very understanding but also went on to tell me that when people at the door were asked to put a mask on they became confrontational and abusive to the employee at the door.

This seems to be a problem at other businesses in town as well.

I was in Lowe’s on Sunday and a woman wasn’t wearing a mask and when she was asked why her response was “what are they going to do kick me out? They need the money.”

This attitude is disrespectful to our community. I recognize that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable but seriously it’s not like you have been asked to go to war. You have just been asked to cover your face so you and other people don’t get sick. 

I’ve had seven members of my family with COVID-19, one of which passed away by themselves alone on a ventilator.

Wearing a mask is not political.

Wearing a mask is a responsibility to yourself, your neighbors, your family and your community. As long as people continue to walk around without masks our economy will not recover.

COVID-19 it is a very serious virus and the only way to stem the spread is follow the recommendations of the CDC and the World Health Organization.


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masks are inconvenient but it is what it is, some people don't believe they need to wear it while others think everyone should. there will always be differing opinions on this.


As I read your article, I want to express my condolences for your family’s loss.

With that said, as I believe we have expressed differences of opinions in the general comments for the simple fact, we look at things from different views.

You (and others) give the impression that you think it is everyone’s right to continue the life they used to have and that EVERYONE else should accommodate you (or others) to have that life. This accommodation includes everyone else should wear a mask, everyone else should practice social distancing, everyone else should confine themselves at home, everyone else should not see friends and family, everyone else should not have outside entertainment, everyone else should lose their jobs, everyone else should pay, everyone else should --- … So that YOU may have a life that YOU want to have..

When did it become my responsibility to give YOU all these things at the cost of MY personal freedoms?? Now you might think it’s not a big deal, but I do, so why are your wishes more prevalent than mine?? Is it truly because you want to do whatever YOU want to do and think I should not have the same right? You want to go out -- but want to go out of the house with a mask -- so you think in order for this to happen -- everyone else should have to wear a mask too so you can go out?? So isn’t it truly and really all about YOU?? NOBODY forced you to stay in either Wal-Mart or Lowes when you disagreed with what you saw. Why would you support a store that you do not agree with – Or was it just a chance to complain??

Myself (and others) feel that personal freedom and choices should be allowed!! I do NOT feel that because there is a very small vulnerable population that this disease is greatly affecting, that the rest of the 90 or 95 percent of the population who are not adversely affected should be walking around in fear.

That small percent of the population who is vulnerable is keenly aware of their vulnerability and should ALWAYS be taking precautions to take care of themselves. One of the precautions SHOULD be for them is to stay home if there is a severe outbreak of ANY serious disease in the area. But again WHY is that suddenly everyone else’s responsibility to make sure their needs are above everyone else’s needs??

Stores have bent over backwards, some even to the point of bankruptcy, to attempt to give opportunity to all those that need some extra care. Stores have opened special hours for people who classify themselves as “vulnerable”, stores have put up walls and markers and whatnot nonsense, stores have implemented curbside pickup with online ordering, stores have revamped their websites, stores have implemented one way isles to social distance. Stores have done all they can to accommodate people who need special accommodations but yet it never seems to be “enough” for some people.

So again if you don’t support the store’s procedures why are you supporting them? Why do you think YOUR way of doing things are better or more appropriate than “mine”?? If you are that worried about getting sick, why are you out in the public walking around other people knowing they might be carriers?? And lastly, when do you draw the line in the sand and say I will NOT give up one more personal freedom, or go without one more thing, for this cause??


To wear a mask, or not, still seems to be the question. If it makes people more comfortable, go for it. My question is though, before all this happened, when you were on a plane, or in a store, you’d occasionally see elderly or immune deficient people wearing masks. That’s fine, seems reasonable. However, were they wearing masks to protect everyone else from what they had, or themselves from what others had? Has this virus been proven to be able to penetrate masks? If it has, then no one that wears a mask is safe, and if it hasn’t, then why make people wear them that doesn’t want to?

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