Ephrata Tigers

The 2014 Central Washington Athletic Conference All-League spring sports selections from Ephrata High School have been announced. The following athletes made the grade:

Boys’ Golf

Aaron Whalen, Ephrata, First-Team

Josh Johnson, Ephrata, First-Team

Tember Newman, Ephrata, First-Team

Player of the Year: Aaron Whalen

Coach of the Year: Greg Hewitt, Ephrata

Girls’ Golf

Kendall Sage, Ephrata. First-Team

Katie Hilliard, Ephrata, First-Team

Tressa Davis, Ephrata, First-Team

Player of the Year: Kendall Sage, Ephrata

Coach of the Year: Hedi Burns, Ephrata


Bryan Wulf, Ephrata, First-Team, infield

Justin DeHoog, Ephrata, First-Team, infield

Cameron Ball, Ephrata, Second-Team, pitcher

Chandler Gribble, Ephrata, Second-Team, catcher

Josh Kallstrom, Ephrata, Second-Team, first base

Zach Wulf, Ephrata, Second-Team, infield

Dylan Derr, Ephrata, Second-Team, outfield

Justin Van Ess, Ephrata, Honorable Mention, pitcher


Brook Stutzman, Ephrata, Honorable Mention, infield

Freddie Ham, Ephrata, Honorable Mention, infield

Becca Lester, Ephrata, Honorable Mention, outfield

Girls’ Doubles Tennis

Demi Brekhus /Teighan Moore, Ephrata, Second-Team

Boys’ Singles Tennis

Michael Novitskiy, Ephrata, Second-Team

Boys’ Doubles Tennis

Stenn Monson/Garner Sears, Ephrata, Second-Team

Girls’ Track and Field

Danielle Hiatt, Ephrata, First-Team distance running

Alison Turnbull, Ephrata, Second-Team, hurdles

Madison Youngers, Ephrata, Second-Team horizontal jumps

Maddy Stucky, Ephrata, Honorable Mention horizontal jumps

Madison Youngers, Ephrata, First-Team vertical jumps

Boys’ Track and Field

Jonnie Green, Ephrata, First-Team sprints

Chance Flanigan, Ephrata, Honorable Mention sprints

Brice Turnbull, Ephrata, First-Team distance running

Ethan Green, Ephrata, Honorable Mention distance running

Jacob Laird, Ephrata, First-Team throwing events

Austin Sandberg, Ephrata, Second-Team vertical jumps

Chance Flanigan, Ephrata, Honorable Mention vertical jumps

Coach of the Year: Dan Martin, Ephrata

Boys’ Soccer

Leo Garcia, Ephrata, Honorable Mention keeper

Dylan Benthem, Ephrata, Second-Team defender

Riley Pheasant, Ephrata, Honorable Mention forward

Nik Wall, Ephrata, Second-Team midfielder

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