Chelan High School

Chelan High School

CHELAN — A Chelan High School senior was arrested last week for allegedly groping and assaulting a younger fellow student on multiple occasions at the school, and threatening violence if she reported him.

The 17-year-old senior faces possible juvenile court charges of fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation; and Chelan County prosecutors said in a hearing Friday they would consider additional charges of intimidation and witness tampering. 

Chelan County sheriff’s deputies arrested the youth about 3:40 p.m. Jan. 3 at the high school. The alleged victim, two grade levels younger than the suspect, told investigators he had pinned her against a wall and ground his body against her in a school hallway; pulled her into an empty classroom and tried to kiss her; and confronted her and again tried to kiss her against her will beneath the bleachers during a school basketball game.

The first incident took place in November, the latter two on Dec. 18, she told police. On two of those occasions, the senior allegedly made verbal threats including, “Keep your goddamn mouth shut or I will do sh— to the people you love.”

The student victim disclosed the incidents in later weeks, saying her schoolwork suffered and she experienced severe stress reactions as a result of the assaults. 

The senior suspect was held for one night in the Chelan County Juvenile Detention Center, then released after a Jan. 4 court hearing. Court Commissioner Tracy Brandt ordered him to have no contact with the victim. An arraignment hearing is set for Jan. 22.

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