WENATCHEE - If you own a small business and can’t afford or don’t need a commercial office space, or if you telecommute and just want to get out of your house to work, there’s a new business in Wenatchee that might be for you.

“Mission Street Commons was sort of born from the idea that my husband is a remote worker and I’m a small business owner and I run a private practice and kind of wanted to get out of the house and invest in Wenatchee, so we purchased a property and decided to open up a co-working space because Wenatchee didn’t have one yet.”

Owners Kerri and Jason Walker say Mission Street Commons not only offers a practical workspace alternative for its clients, but also provides them with other beneficial opportunities as well.

“It’s a simpler, less expensive model than renting out an entire office for yourself as a small business owner, so it’s a lot easier to get started,” explained Kerri Walker. “And it creates a community for networking and events and becoming a part of the community instead of being cooped up in your own home.”

The Commons has two different membership levels for its users: one provides part time use of any available work spaces during general business hours and another that offers a dedicated, 24-7 access to Mission Street’s amenities. In addition to its subscription packages, the Commons also has a basic day-use rate of $25.

The Walkers say the process of opening the shared space has been swift and began earlier this year.

“We identified the building in March and talked to Ed, the former owner,” said Jason Walker. “We noodled on ideas and it took a couple months before we knew what we actually wanted to do and then once we decided we closed in June and just kind of hit the ground running and did what we thought we needed to do to get it open.”

“It took us about two, two-and-a-half months for the buildout," Kerry Walker added. "We refurbished the interior of the building and built the conference room and built a small phone booth for privacy.”

The Commons also includes other features for its members, like a large kitchenette, secured internet connectivity, access to a printer, scanner and fax machine, and of course plenty of seating options too.

Mission Street Commons is located at 218 S. Mission St. which was previously occupied by the local business Golfer’s Edge.

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Nice if you can afford it and need a presence in Wenatchee!

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